GSI is a world class manufacturer of grain storage, material handling, conditioning and drying equipment as well as a full line supplier of swine and poultry production equipment. We are aware that as our customers grow, their needs grow with them and no one is better qualified to understand and meet those needs than GSI. Along with our local partners, we are just around the corner bringing expertise from around the world. We are able to deliver integrated solutions that help our customers achieve their goals in the grain, swine and poultry industry.

In 2016, Cimbria, the world-leading supplier of seed processing equipment and plants, was acquired by the ACGO Group. In combination, Cimbria and GSI make a perfect match to become the world’s biggest and most technologically advanced supplier of products and systems for grain storage and seed processing industry. With 20 production facilities on five continents and local sales representatives worldwide, we have an unmatched global footprint and global reach. The combination offers a product assortment that is second-to-none, enabling us to provide complete projects based on equipment that is developed and manufactured in-house.