Deeply Rooted

The GSI Group, LLC has roots dating back to the 1930’s. As thehistory1 Great Depression loomed over the country, agriculture played an important role in the recovery. The Sloan family, realizing a need for reliable and affordable farming equipment, began providing farmers throughout the Midwest with the latest grain production equipment and innovations. Over the years, second and third geerations of the Sloan family expanded on the family business to encompass a variety of agriculture related products and services to meet the ever growing need for quality production equipment.


history2In 1972, Grain Systems (GSI) was founded by Craig Sloan in a 5000 sq. ft. facility located in Assumption, IL. One of the smallest of the nation’s 26 bin manufacturers at that time, GSI quickly rose to be the world’s largest grain storage bin manufacturer by 1988. Today, GSI’s manufacturing facilities are located around the world with main headquarters located in Assumption, IL., with nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.


The Legacy Continues

Today, several state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and trusted brands make up The GSI Group, LLC including: Grain Systems (GSI), Farm Fans (FFI), David Manufacturing Company (DMC), Zimmerman, Automated Production Systems (AP), Cumberland, Agromarau and Hired Hand. As a “Total Value, Total Systems” manufacturer of grain storage, drying and handling equipment, as well as a full line supplier of swine and poultry production equipment, The GSI Group, LLC markets its products worldwide to over 75 different countries.


history4The same ethical business practices and commitment to quality products and service that made the Sloan family so successful over the years continues to be the blueprint by which The GSI Group, LLC operates today. The GSI Group, LLC
strives to be the very best in the industry in quality manufactured products, innovations, reliability, and world class service that truly bring a total value solution to the needs of farmers and producers worldwide.

GSI’s Acquisitions

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