Grain Storage

40-Series™ Grain Bin

40eriesThe next generation in grain storage…. for next generation yield technology.


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Z-Tek™ Roof System: The Evolution of Bin Roof Design

Higher Capacities, Superior Protection and a Complete Family of Accessories…MORE

Bin Floor

UntitledLasting durability with unique locking system for reduced floor movement and solid suppor

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Dura-Lok flooring: GSI’s newest and strongest flooring

Cut-Lok and Cor-Lok flooring options and other custom aeration systems…MORE

Commercial Hopper Tanks

UntitledDesigned for today’s modern grain producers and distributors, GSI’s Commercial Hopper Tanks provide years of reliable service with convenient features and benefits you won’t find with other grain storage systems

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NCHT and FCHT hopper tanks with holding capacities up to 1400 metric tons

Customized systems and seismic designs…MORE


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