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X-Series Sweep


GSI is proud to introduce its new, zero-entry, X-Series Commercial Sweep. The X-Series Sweep incorporates an industry leading positive drive system and the most intelligent sweep control on the market today. The X-Series Sweep utilizes a Class II Explosion Proof Motor, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Floor Mounted Track System, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Screen Control to provide the premier performance in a zero-entry sweep. This industry leading technology will maximize performance of the sweep, resulting in more capacity and drastically reducing the need to continuously monitor the sweep’s performance.

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X-Series Positive Drive System
A 14-tooth solid steel drive sprocket engages the curved track that is mounted to the concrete floor of the bin eliminating the wheel slip seen in tractor drive sweeps as it engages the grain pile. The Motor/Gearbox combination enables forward and reverse travel with no slippage of the drive system.

Power from the ½ HP Class II Explosion Proof (Type G Environments) Motor transfers to the sprocket through a Helical Gear Reducer. The positive drive gearbox is factory filled with food grade lubricant to prevent contamination. A 12-gage steel housing protects the entire system from the weight of commercial storage grain depths.

X-Series Commerical Sweep drive assembly attaches directly to the back shield through a pivot pin design.



New Direct Drive Design
Auger is driven by a motor/gearbox combination. All X-Series Sweep motors are explosion proof rated for Class II, Groups F & G environments.

The auger drive gearbox features heavy-duty tapered roller bearings. Gearbox also includes XT Harsh Duty output seal, and is factory filled with food grade lubricant.

X-Series Sweep motors are covered with heavy-duty, leave in place, motor covers.


The Smartest Sweep Control on the Market
In combination with the X-Series Positive Drive System, an industry leading sweep control maximizes performance of the sweep resulting in more capacity. The control panel utilizes a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that combines a LCD touch screen with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). The HMI senses the amp draw of both the drive and sweep motors to maximizing its capacity at set-levels. An integrated sweep position sensor allows the sweep to estimate the number of bushels left in the bin as well as time remaining to completely sweep the bin. Additional safety switches are easily added to the X-Series control to prevent employees from entering the bin during the operation of the sweep. The sweep auger will remain engaged even during avalanche situations where the drive motor reverses direction to maximize capacity and minimize the reverse travel. This functionality will drastically reduce the need to continuously monitor the sweeps performance.


Clean-Sweep Brush & Clean-Out Mode
The new Press-Broke Back-Shield integrates a clean sweep brush at the bottom of the back shield. After the bin has been completely swept, the X-Series Control can be set to “Clean-Out” mode increasing the travel speed of the sweep 240%. Properly adjusted with level floors nearly eliminates the need to broom the floor.


Integrated Plow
Plow at end of sweep is adjustable depending on spacing needed to accommodate GSI inner 2-ring door frames. Shear bolt design safety feature to prevent major damage to the sweep and obstacle in the event of contact.



50,000 Bu./Hr. Sump

30,000 Bu./Hr. Sump

Additional Features
Sump designs of 30,000 & 50,000 bu/hr. For optimal performance a distance of 6-10 ft. between intermediate sumps is recommended, depending on product being stored. Not intended for tanks with full floors.

Improved center pivot design incorporates a bronze bushing to offer a non-lubricated center pivot solution.



New front wheel strut and back shield castor designs. GSI requires 10-ga. min. plate material laid flush with concrete to cover aeration tunnels. (Plate material not provided by GSI.) Front and back castors are in line to minimize the number of wheel tracks around the bin.







Capacities and stated motor horsepowers based on dry, free flowing, granular material.
X-Series Sweep not intended for tanks with full floors.

Commercial Sweep Tractors


GSI has taken a lead in promoting products to enhance safety in your grain facility. We have achieved what we consider to be a “first to the industry” solution for retro-fitting existing sweeps. This is a great solution where rules and regulations prohibit having personnel in bins while sweep augers are running. No longer will you need to “manually” advance the sweep into the pile of grain. With the addition of this tractor an operator can stand at the side door and view the position of the sweep and control it’s operation from a safe distance, or set it in automatic mode and let it advance as the grain is removed.


Commercial Sweep Tractor
Knockdown design will fit into a 18″ square door. Tractor will easily retro-fit to existing sweep with minimal fabrication. These kits include a .5 hp, 3 phase, Explosion Proof Motor. (If other motor options are required, please contact GSI sales.)

Tractor Retro-Fit Part Numbers to Match Existing Sweep

Tractor Retro-Fit Part


Commercial Sweep Control Panel
Panel is capable of either automatic or manual control. Tractor advance is controlled by auger motor amperage. Portable design allows for easy movement of panel between same size sweeps. All power is connected with plugs in bottom of panel. 3 Phase, 230 or 460 volts. Multiple models cover auger horsepower range of 3-10 (230V) and 3-20 (460V).


Control Panel Part Number to Match Existing Sweep’s Auger Horse Power

Control Panel Part Number

Safety First

As with all large machinery with moving parts, it is especially important to follow all safety precautions and warnings when operating this equipment. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. Replacement warning decals and operation manuals are available free of charge.



GSI’s line of Distributors are galvanized for long life and minimum maintenance and come in many sizes and models from which to choose.

3/16″ and 12 gauge body parts with flanged outlets. Located under the distributor is the positive locking stainless steel index plate which offers protection from dust and harsh weather conditions. Large throat on internal swing spout, bottom lined with 1/4″ urethane for extended wear. Swing spout turns on a 1 1/2″ ball bearing, heavy-duty shaft connects to cable control.





Specifications DISTRIBUTOR

* All 4 and 6 hole distributors are flat back.

* All 8 and 10 hole distributors are wing back


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