Czech Republic, South Moravian region – Jihomoravsky region


Czech Republic, South Moravian region – Jihomoravsky region

  • Capacity: 11 000 tons
  • GSI product installed: Commercial storage: 2 bins
  • Partner Name: BEDNAR FMT


Project description (of the two Rostenice projects):

The Moravian agriculture company is well known to anyone who is close to the modern agricultural mass production. Many progressive technologies have been installed in cooperation with the BEDNAR FMT Company. A storage hall has been renewed in the Komorany quarter, with a total area of 550 square meters. The hall floor is aerated all over the area with a carrying capacity of 9 tons per axle for the crossing vehicle. The long-life of the grid is assured by the solid wooden segments made of tropical wood. In 2012 the first tower grain dryer was installed in the Czech Republic, with a performance of 27 tons per hour and a 15% drying ratio, powered by natural gas. There is a 300 tons hopper tank used as a buffer for the dryer. There are two GSI NCL 54-30 bins as well, with a total capacity of 9000 tons, where the material handlings are capable to handle up to 120 tons per hour. There are another two GSI bins with total capacity of 11000 tons of wheat being built in the Slavkov quarter.


Testimonial from customer:

‘The GSI commercial bins comply with our needs. All together with the installed conveyers completes a failure-free unit with low maintenance needs.’ (Ing. Vítězslav Navrátil, Chairman of the Board)