Czech Republic, Southern Moravia – Komorany quarter



Czech Republic, Southern Moravia – Komorany quarter

  • Capacity: 9 000 tons
  • GSI product installed: Commercial storage: 2 bins, Commercial tower dryer G-3000, Commercial hopper tank
  • Partner Name: BEDNAR FMT


Testimonials from customers:

“We have bought the aerating grain store floor an area of 550 square meters, as a renewing process of our hall storage. The solid wooden grid enables the heavy equipment to operate with no damage marks on it. The aerating system perfectly maintains the quality of the crop, which is very important especially in the case of the malting barley.

The tower dryer is the most economical dryer in our company. It is up to 15% more efficient than the other dryer types. The operational experience demonstrates the high performance and efficiency. There is almost ten thousand tons of the harvested material processed in the dryer every year.”
(Ing. Vítězslav Navrátil Chairman of the Board)