Portable Grain Dryers



GSI offers the most technologically advanced and reliable grain dryers on the market today. We also offer the widest selection of dryer models, suitable for a wide variety of applications. All GSI grain dryers feature easy-to-use, state-of-the-art controls, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, and industrial grade electrical components. GSI grain dryers can help solve even the most complex grain conditioning problems.


Portable Grain Dryers


Why A GSI Dryer?
You have planned every aspect of the planting and care of your crop. Planning for success at harvest and post-harvest should be no different. GSI Grain Dryers give growers the control to harvest when necessary and to moisture levels ideal for long-term storage. Being confident in the protection of your properly conditioned grain allows you to turn your attention to managing your operation, monitoring the markets, and the overall strength of your business.


Why Choose a Portable Dryer
Once drying needs exceed what a Stir-Ator or Grain Flow system is capable of, Portable Dryers provide higher capacities with greater flexibility while minimizing the investment. They may operate either dry & cool or all heat while cooling in properly equipped bins using LP or natural gas with many models able to use single phase electrical supplies. This design covers the smaller to middle capacity 5 point removal requirements from 220 to 2,450 BPH dry & cool and 420 to 4,000 BPH all heat. From a simple system with grain moved by augers to a more involved system with an overhead wet bin, drag conveyors, and bucket elevators, GSI’s portable dryer models are the most versatile. The low profile of the single module dryers work well with overhead wet bins, while the 8’-26’ basket lengths give growers the flexibility they need for capacity growth. Depending on the model, GSI’s optional grain inverters, heat recovery systems, and noise suppression systems can further enhance efficiency, quality and, environmental requirements in a high percentage of today’s growing farms.


High Efficiency Burner
GSI’s patent pending, high efficiency burners provide superior heated air flow resulting in a cleaner flame, increased fuel efficiency, and most importantly, lower operating costs. Burner offers considerably improved flame sensing. An electronic ignition system monitors the burner and a view window provides easy observation.

Maxon™ valves are used on all single module units which promote better fuel flow. An electronic ignition system monitors the burner, and a view window provides ease of observation.

Other features include an easy-to-adjust vaporizer, a large service access door, and an oil-filled gas pressure gauge.

This burner was developed in GSI’s research and testing facility at the Assumption, IL plant. Airflow and static pressure were exactly duplicated in state of the art test stands with Air Movement and Control Assoc. Int. (AMCA) specification airflow test chambers so the testing would not be limited to the fall drying season. Improvements were made in efficiency, flame stability, and flame sensing over our previous and other industry burner designs.


Composite Polymer Fan Blades
GSI Portable Dryers feature axial fans with composite blades, which allow for a very low starting load, leading to easier starting and improved efficiency over centrifugal fans. Composite blades also eliminate the need to continuously rebalance the fan. Additional benefits of composite blades include high air flow across a wide static pressure range, quiet operation, and reduced energy cost.


Even Heat / Grain Quality
High/Low fire cycling helps to maintain a uniform plenum temperature. 14” wide columns hold the maximum amount of grain while minimizing the difference from the inside to the outside of the column. Each plenum chamber also has an air-mixing chamber to thoroughly mix the air and heat and to shield the grain columns from direct contact with the burner’s infrared waves. Multiple heat zones in two-fan and larger model dryers put the hottest air on the highest moisture grain.


Low Profile, Fold-Up Wet Bin
The 14’6” low profile overall height permits easy set-up into existing installations and allows the GSI dryer to fit into locations other brands cannot. The wet bin is perforated to enable pre-heating of the grain, to increase capacity, and to reduce operating costs. Maximizes pre-heating of grain at its highest point of moisture.


Air Mixers
Mixing vanes eliminate ”hot spots” and create a more uniform plenum temperature.


Optional On / Off Fire
Offers a wider range of plenum temperature control down to 5 degrees above ambient for wheat and other temperature sensitive circumstances.


Patented Grain Inverters
To promote consistent, even drying, higher test weights, and a reduction of operating costs, be sure to add the GSI Grain Inverters option to your stack dryer package.

Be sure to maximize the efficiency of every GSI stack dryer by including the optional Grain Inverters.

While more traditional grain exchangers move grain from the inside of the grain column to the outside of the column in 6” columns, the patented GSI Grain Inverters move all grain, except the outer two inches, within the column to eliminate over-dried grain and to maximize drying efficiency and grain quality. These patented Grain Inverters redirect the warmest grain from the inside of the column to be next to the wettest grain at the outside of the column where it is dried by the captured heat which would have otherwise escaped the dryer. (See diagram for visual illustration.)

This process maintains optimal grain temperature, thus maximizing grain quality while using less fuel and significantly reducing operating costs.

A convenient clean-out door also provides easy access for quick maintenance.


Under 100° = Seed
100° to 120° = Human Food Grade – Full Nutrition and Taste
120° to 140° = Animal Food Grade – Full Nutrition
140° to 160° = Moderate Damage and Test Weight Loss Starts
160° and above = Severe Damage (Physical Breakage and Severe Test Weight Loss)


AC Metering Roll Motor with VFD
AC Metering Motor with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows you to set unload speed without the need for time-consuming calibration. AC motors are considerably more durable and require limited maintenance.


8″ DURA-EDGE® Auger Flighting
All augers feature the new DURA-EDGE® 8” diameter flighting with 1/4″ ribbon. The DURA-EDGE® flighting has an outside edge that is 30% thicker than regular flighting, resulting in a longer life and increased dependability.



Adjustable Flow Gates
Allow customized control of grain volume in each column for more consistent drying when grain quality is poor and debris is present.


Rear Discharge Auto-Shutdown
A 2’ discharge extension with manual grain sampler is standard equipment. An automatic discharge shutdown operates off of a hinged lid switch at the rear discharge. It is activated when grain overfills the discharge auger and forces the lid to open.


Largest Grain Holding Capacity
Allows for higher bushels per hour to consistently achieve maximum drying. Long retention times result in better grain quality.


Improved Ladder Design
Redesigned standard ladder package for portable dryers to meet OSHA specifications. GSI ladders feature heavy-duty construction and slip-resistant patterns to give extra grip in wet conditions. Stacked dryers include platform.


Clean-Out Made Easy
Large plenum clean-out doors make for easy access to the unload auger and metering rolls. Inside metering and unload auger access panels lift out of the way without tools to better accommodate service and maintenance needs. Sealing strips reduce air pressure and heat loss into the unload chamber.


Three-Piece Sidewall Screens
GSI’s three-piece sidewall panels allow the top angle section alone, the top angle and side sections, or all of the exterior screens including the bottom angle section to optionally be stainless steel. This allows for economical protection against rust and corrosion where needed, based on the size of dryer and type of usage. All fastening hardware is also stainless steel to eliminate future corrosion.


Noise Suppressor
GSI’s standard low speed 1725 rpm blades make GSI axial fan dryers much quieter than in the past at a level that OSHA allows for continuous 6 hour exposure 15’ away. Though most situations do not require the Noise Suppression System those that want their dryer to be ultra quiet, even quieter than the competitive centrifugal fan models, the system will reduce the noise level at 15’ to one-fourth the OSHA 8 hour exposure limit. System can be integrated with Heat Reclaimer.  MORE


Heat Reclaimer
On multi-fan dryers, reduces the amount of heat lost when operating in Dry & Cool mode to the atmosphere and recycles it, thereby reducing fuel consumption and lowering operating costs by up to 30%. Open ductwork is optimally sized for 0% capacity loss as it prevents accumulation of fine material. Sized to reduce air velocity very little chaff or air debris is pulled into the dryer. Heat Reclaimer can be integrated with Noise Suppressor.


Vision Dryer Controls
The GSI Vision dryer control system features a wide array of settings that offers unparalleled options and control. Boasting a 10.4″ TFT color touch screen with easy-to-use controls, the Vision can be remote-mounted, via a simple seven wire harness, up to 1000 feet away from the dryer.

The Vision system features a low voltage safety circuit and a safety disconnect on every dryer. Each safety is monitored individually and its status displayed on-screen. With no moving parts – timers, time delays, thermostats, etc. – the Vision system is less prone to wear-and-tear that leads to costly repairs and downtime. Plenum and grain temperatures can be modified on-screen. You can also change from High/Low to On/Off fire mode which allows plenum operation down to 5 degrees above ambient with a simple software switch.  MORE
















1Capacities listed are wet bushels, for mature #2 yellow shelled dent corn at listed moisture content and are estimates based on drying principles, field results and computer simulation. Variance may occur due to grain’s physiological factors (kernal size, chemical composition, variety, maturity), excessive fines, adverse weather conditions, etc.

2Grain discharged hot from the dryer will result in a final moisture content of 15% after cooling in the bin.

3Shortest possible height in ( ).

4Minimum: Fan(s) & Dryer Load & Unload motor name plate amperages + 5 for control & SCR load.
Maximum: Fan(s) & Dryer Load & Unload & largest auxiliary motor name plate amperages + 5 for control & SCR load.


X-Stream Portable Dryers



Carrying on GSI’s proud history of innovation in grain drying, the X-Stream dryer features fans and heaters that are mounted in a staggered fashion on opposite ends of the dryer.

Most traditional dryers feature fans and heaters that are mounted on the same end of the dryer. As a result, the drying temperature varies by the proximity of the column to the heater and fan.

By mounting the fans of the X-Stream on opposite ends of the dryer and staggering them top to bottom, grain is exposed to less extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the entire dryer, regardless of column location. The result is a higher quality grain that is more evenly dried.

The X-Stream dryer is available in stack dryers with lengths of 20 through 26 feet, plus longer two fan single module dryers.

GSI strongly recommends adding optional grain inverters to the X-Stream dryer for even greater performance improvement.

Vision™ controls standard on X-Stream dryers.

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