Noise Supression System

Portable Grain Dryer Noise Suppression System


GSI’s standard low speed 1725 rpm blades make GSI axial fan dryers much quieter than in the past at a level that OSHA allows for continuous 6 hour exposure 15’ away. Though most situations do not require the Noise Suppression System those that want their dryer to be ultra quiet, even quieter than the competitive centrifugal fan models, the system will reduce the noise level at 15’ to one fourth the OSHA 8 hour exposure limit.


Simple Assembly and Installation
Noise Suppression System assembly only takes about 1.5 hours of installation time per fan. Minimal bolted connections.


Better Noise Reduction
Noise levels 3 dB’s lower than previous suppression system at a distance of 15 feet. The dB scale is logorithmic. 3 dB’s reflect a half reduction in noise level.

Noise Level Chart


125 dB:   Threshold of pain, pneumatic riveter at 4′
115 dB:   Loud rock music
100 dB:   Subway train, loud motorcycle
95 dB:   Level that sustained exposure may result in hearing loss
85 dB:   City traffic (inside car)
60-70 dB:   Normal conversation at 3-5′


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