Bin sweeps

Standard Bin Sweeps


Standard Bin Sweeps are available in 6″ (152.4mm), 8″ (203.2mm), and 10″ (254mm) sizes and can be used in bins ranging in size from 15′ (4.58m) to 42′ (12.8m). Torque tube and back shield adjust for close floor clearance. Bins 30′ or larger include an intermediate bearing to help stabilize the sweep flight. Sweep augers can be removed easily for placement into another bin of the same size.


Close Floor Clearance

The torque tube and backup shield adjust for close floor clearance so you get maximum bin cleanup, removing grain in one or two revolutions. On the end of the sweep, a rubber wheel supports the auger flighting and provides traction as the sweep rotates. If your bin is 30′ (9.14m) or larger, an intermediate bearing is included to help stabilize the sweep flighting. All our sweeps have sealed, self-aligning bearings to reduce replacement costs. Center wells have a 1″ (25.4mm) inner diameter pivot socket. You have the option of using a 4″ (101.6mm) depth extension on the pivot stem to raise the motor above the grain during the first stages of cleaning.


Center Well
Full Open Gate

Band-On Intermediate Well
with Nylon Rollers

Shallow Intermediate Well

Bin Wells and Unload Tubes
The bin well with an unloading tube is an essential combination of components in an automatic bin unloading system. With these installed, a variety of components can be used to create the unloading system that best fits your needs. Bin wells are priced affordably, making them a good investment for every bin. For 15′ (4.57m) to 36′ (10.97m) diameter bins, unload tubes are available in lengths from 8′ (2.43m) to 18′ 6″ (5.64m).

All wells and tubes are built with long lasting, durable galvanized steel. Our bin wells work with an aeration/drying floor, preformed trench. We offer the full gate, concrete center, and the band-on intermediate wells with nylon rollers.

The illustrations below show two different bin well and unloading tube installation combinations.






Power Heads


To power your bin unloading system, GSI manufactures power heads in several different configurations to meet your specific bin unload requirements. Options include horizontal, vertical, and 25 degree incline power heads


Horizontal Power Heads
Horizontal power heads are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes. They are single or double direct belt driven depending on the unit.


Vertical Power Heads
On bins 48′ in diameter or smaller, our 16′ 6″ standard vertical makes it easier to discharge directly into a truck, trailer, or mill. This power head needs only one drive to run both the vertical and under-bin auger. The drive is mounted to a right angle, oil bath gearbox. It can be powered by either a PTO unit or electric motor. Double flighting on the intake auger. The standard vertical package comes with a 3′ long spout at a 45 degree discharge, base support, and bin wall mounting brackets. As an option, a kit is available to connect an 8″ vertical to a 6″ unload tube.


25 Degree Inclines
The 25 degree incline can be used on bins up to 75′ diameter. Available in 6″ (horizontal) to 6″ (incline), 6″ to 8″, 8″ to 8″, 8″ to 10″, or 10″ to 12″. All inclines have a 2 or 3 belt drive and include an adjustable support stand. An optional wheel kit can be attached to make the unit portable.







U-Trough Bin Unload


GSI U-Trough Unloads are available for bins up to 60 ft. diameter, 5000-6000 BPH*. The U-Trough fits under most standard aeration floors and requires minimal assembly. It features an adjustable flight for easy expansion to the outer wall, dual action sweep wheels that move the unloader through the grain while sweeping out outer sidewall grain, and enhanced design to help sustain grain quality. Constructed from top quality galvanized material and components, the GSI U-Trough requires minimal maintenance and will provide years of reliable operation.
* Capacities may vary depending on grain type and condition.

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Power and Performance
The drive wheel (patent pending) sweeps grain from the bin wall as it propels the unloader providing aggressive sweep action, even in severe conditions. The sweep wheel utilizes a speed reduction gear which adjusts the speed of the wheel (40-1) to better control unload at the sidewall.

Flexibility and Convenience
The sweep length is adjustable to accommodate various bin sizes. Standard size sweep is 7.25″ on U-Trough systems. A sweep stop* can be controlled from outside the bin to limit the sweep to one revolution around the bin.
* Stirators may require modification.

Sweep Drive Options
Gearbox Sweep Drive – Features a fully enclosed shifting mechanism with no chains in the gearbox. Food grade oil is used to assure no bin contamination. One motor drives the unloader and sweep from outside the bin.

Extra Long Center Gate – Designed for maximum grain flow. (maximum length of exposed flight on the intake translates into maximum unloading capacity).

Electric Powerhead with quick detach motor mount and over center belt tensioner. A rubber gasket on the belt guard maintains tube pressurization for a positive airflow seal. Incline Elbow elevates the discharge to a fixed angle, 20” lift from center discharge to ground.



All U-Trough Unload Systems include Electric Horizontal Drive Unit,

9” O.D. Unload Flight in the 11” Unload U-Trough, 7-1/4” O.D. Sweep Arm Flight, Binwall Plate, and Floor Flange(s). See your local dealer for more details. Capacities may vary depending on grain type and condition

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