Power head

Power Heads


To power your bin unloading system, GSI manufactures power heads in several different configurations to meet your specific bin unload requirements. Options include horizontal, vertical, and 25 degree incline power heads


Horizontal Power Heads
Horizontal power heads are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes. They are single or double direct belt driven depending on the unit.


Vertical Power Heads
On bins 48′ in diameter or smaller, our 16′ 6″ standard vertical makes it easier to discharge directly into a truck, trailer, or mill. This power head needs only one drive to run both the vertical and under-bin auger. The drive is mounted to a right angle, oil bath gearbox. It can be powered by either a PTO unit or electric motor. Double flighting on the intake auger. The standard vertical package comes with a 3′ long spout at a 45 degree discharge, base support, and bin wall mounting brackets. As an option, a kit is available to connect an 8″ vertical to a 6″ unload tube.


25 Degree Inclines
The 25 degree incline can be used on bins up to 75′ diameter. Available in 6″ (horizontal) to 6″ (incline), 6″ to 8″, 8″ to 8″, 8″ to 10″, or 10″ to 12″. All inclines have a 2 or 3 belt drive and include an adjustable support stand. An optional wheel kit can be attached to make the unit portable.



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