Bucket elevators and Distributors

Bucket Elevators


GSI’s Bucket Elevators are engineered to perform and built tough to provide years of reliable service. Whether your business is industrial or agricultural, whether your requirements are for receiving or unloading, pre-processing or post processing, count on GSI for your material handling needs.

Our line of bucket elevators are highly corrosion resistant and made with either a galvanized finish or a powder coat finish for lasting durability and superior appearance.


Bucket Elevator Heads
GSI bucket elevator heads feature a two piece hood for easy interior accessiblity. The hood is contoured to a full radius to minimize wear and improve material dishcarge flow. Large service doors are located on both sides of the hood on models 36″ and larger.

Elevator heads are weather tight with an internal lip seal between the head housing and hood to eliminate moisture problems. Includes bearing plates with vertical jack bolts for more accurate final installation alignment. Also includes a fully adjustable throat plate, and hinged pulley lagging service doors on both sides of the head housing.


Bucket Elevator Boots
Our elevator boots use a structural iron frame construction for solid support throughout the boot. All stiffeners and frames are powder coat finished before assembly for maximum corrosion resistance. Boot sections include externally mounted pillow block bearings. Belt tension take-up screws utilize corrosion resistant acme threaded rod.

Elevator boots feature easy access cleanout doors on each end. The removable panel at boot top, between trunk, can be adapted to included dust collection equipment. Standard boot construction of heavy gauge steel and bolted structural angle iron frame with vertical stiffeners for maximum stability.


Powder coated 12 gauge steel construction and heavy-duty 10 gauge steel with continuous butt weld seams to reduce corrosion from moisture and dust accumulation. Galvanized 14 gauge steel bolted construction, along with fixture welded, structural angle iron flanges are continuously welded on the outside and stitch welded on the inside for supreme durability.

Maintenance friendly 10′ inspection section with 9′ long opening at both front and back. Front and back panels can be removed in 3′ increments. The inspection door can be located in 6 different locations for ultimate flexibility. Unique bolted tie angle design provides stability and squarenss to trunking and is independent of flange bolts. Rubber belting is durable, static conductive, oil resistant and fire retardant.


1Powder Coated Only

Capacities based on dry, free flowing, granular material with proper loading and unloading conditions at 45#/CF. (721kg/m3) using conservative cup capacities per manufacturer’s recommendations.

The raw material gauge specifications refer to hot rolled steel. For galvanized steel requirements the specifications are identical, except 8 Ga. (4.26mm) galvanized steel replaces 7 Ga. (4.55mm) hot rolled steel.

General specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

General specifications and dimensions are intended to provide sales assistance and preliminary guide to system layout only




GSI’s line of Distributors are galvanized for long life and minimum maintenance and come in many sizes and models from which to choose.

3/16” and 12 gauge body parts with flanged outlets. Located under the distributor is the positive locking stainless steel index plate which offers protection from dust and harsh weather conditions. Large throat on internal swing spout, bottom lined with 1/4” urethane for extended wear. Swing spout turns on a 1 1/2 ” ball bearing, heavy-duty shaft connects to cable control.


Electronic Distributor



The GSI Electronic Distributor is the most advanced and user friendly distributor controller on the market. With an industry leading touch screen display, moving spout locations is made easy. With a 6″ color screen, one can visually determine the spout position with just a glance. The controller is powered by a PLC with the ability to easily customize text and lock out specific spout numbers. The system uses cutting edge electronic components and an efficient and compact drive configuration that assures high reliability in even the toughest conditions.


When using the GSI Electronic Distributor Controller, one can easily integrate the PLC control into a larger grain network. A user can control the desired spout position from another PLC while the GSI system is responsible for moving and reporting the spout position. There are multiple protocol options for integrating an external controller, including Ethernet and serial.

These features provide the end user with a reliable and easy-to-operate unit for any GSI brand distributor, new or existing.

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