Czech Republic, Hosteradice, Visnove



Czech Republic, Hosteradice, Visnove

  • Capacity: 22 000 tons
  • GSI product installed: Commercial storage: 2 bins
  • Partner Name: BEDNAR FMT


Project description:

There is a braking record size of the building in southern Moravia, in Hosteradice municipality. Two high volume GSI commercial bins NCL 78-35, with total capacity of 22 000 tons of maize have been started to be built at the beginning of 2011. The commercial bins have a diameter of 23.77 meters and height of 35.10 meters.

Testimonials from customers:

“The GSI silos provide high volume storage of our maze production. We are using it partly to store the purchase of the other farmers. The proper drying and consequent cooling down is always strictly followed before the maize is stored.”
(Ing. Vladimír Vančura, Machinery manager)