The fight game of gustafsson starts with his length. At 6-foot-5 and a 79-inch hit, he’s second only to Jones in the branch when it comes to length of light heavyweight’s top fighters. Gustafsson has some of the best footwork from the branch. He uses that in combination with a high IQ boxing prowess. He has excellent hand speed and will be the best boxer in the division with his ability to throw and connect mixes. He doesn’t have the power that most of the top light heavyweights have, but he makes up for it with his high work rate, landing 4.18 significant strikes per minute. His ground game is surely not his power, but he has excellent takedown defense at 85 percent. At a joint 50 minutes in the cage with Cormier and Jones, he was just taken down two.
The time Jackson’s MMA merchandise is the top fighter in the world for many reasons. To begin, physically he’s very talented because his 84.5″ inch achieve is right near the top of the sport. Jones uses his span. He lands a whopping 2.29 significant strikes a minute more than that he absorbs. That places him right near the very top of this UFC in that respect. He combines that with 95% takedown defense. He blends that defensive prowess with a creative striking game using a lot of unorthodox kicks.
On the ground, Jones has as barbarous of ground and pound as anyone in MMA. He delivers barbarous elbows at prime control and is capable of completing in any struggle with that position. If there’s any weakness in Jones’ match, it is absence of big-time power.
In a rematch of one the best battles in the history of the UFC, Jones will once again look to become the light heavyweight champion of the world as he takes on one of the main rivals in Gustafsson. Both fighters are returning from extensive layoffs, so off the bat there are several question marks on ring rust and when there has been any regression in skills. What’s more, the struggle being transferred from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on less than fourteen days’ notice compelling changes struggle week prep generates even more innuendo round the bout. With both fighters influenced, an individual must handicap that aspect a wash and look at it strictly from a competitive perspective.
While the sample size is small, Jones has had perhaps his biggest struggles with long, rangy fighters. The fight of his career was his first fight with Gustafsson. The Swede landed 110 significant strikes because bout in comparison to the 134 landed by the American. Bearing that in mind, Gustafsson threw 71 more important strikes during the struggle. Gus was more busy, but Jones landed the larger, more meaningful punches especially in the subsequent rounds. Since Jones has more muscle since that bout, expect electricity to become even more of a element in this bout. Gustafsson will have confidence from this very first battle, however, the X Factor is Jones’ increased power allowing him to land devastating blows.
This is supposed to be another classic, however Gustafsson’s shortage of one punch knockout power is going to be his undoing since Jones is going to be able to take control in stretches knocking Gustafsson backwards. In the long run, anticipate this particular bout to go to the scorecards with Jones once more continuing his tremendous run at the top of the light heavyweight division.
Prediction: Jones by choice +225 is the best play on this fight.

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