Project Design

Project Design

Case study

A customer who has a production area of 113m*315m, in which breeds white feather broiler, expects that the single batch of production quantity is to reach 250000 and the target weight of a broiler 2.5kg.


Houses design considerations:
Aisle width, Summer ventilation needs of breeding white feather broiler , Disease prevention needs, Feeding amount of unit area and other factors.


Houses design:
10 building premises with two-row arrangement, the interval distance between each 13m*135m room is controlled in 8m, and the room is surrounded by the excrement cleaning road which is 12m wide, 10m wide broiler road is between the two rows and 5m epidemic prevention range for each.


Equipment design considerations:
Feeding form, ventilation form, degree of automation, brooding needs, equipment performance.


Equipment design:
1) Feeding system: half the room for brooding, configured with 3 feed lines of intermediate feedings, each feed line is 132M long, and each 132 feed pan has 1m interval distance , so 396 feeders in total. Every feeder can supply 63 chicken, consistent with the products of feeding range.


2) Automatic feeding system: As the target amount of storage is for 3 days, the design uses feed storage tank which is 9 foot high with 4 laps capacity of 16.1 tons. Considering the motor running time limit, the double-outlet hopper is equipped with 3.5”feed tube to supply the all the feed lines indoor


3) Watering system: It is equipped with 4 nipple type drinker lines which are 132 m in length combining the company’s specialty products. Taking into account the water flow and the need of single chicken, the interval distance of each nipple is 10 foot wide. And each nipple can supply 12 chicken to meet the needs.


4) Ventilation system: Since the breeding industry operates in a pattern of high density and fast growth, broilers easily get sick in the breeding process. If the processing is bad, it can lead to a large-area death of broilers. However, for there is a strong appeal of healthy eating in the market, we actively recommend automatic ventilation system with our company’s experience abroad. Through timely and reasonable air freshing in the hen house, we can improve broiler growth environment, and reduce the incidence of disease, so as to raise the survival rate of broilers.

Consequently, we provide a series of products:
A) fan system: 9 end wall fan, 4 side wall of fan, 8 stirring fan;

B) drencher system: in consideration of the end wall fan performance and summer tunnel ventilation needs, configured with a set of end wall curtain 1.8*10m and 2 sets of side wall curtain 1.5m*15m.

C) sealing system between water curtains—tunnel gate system: length and height, configured according to the water curtain height.

D) heating system: Considering economy and environmental protection and convenience to use, it is configured with a trend of pipe type heater, which adopts radiation heating, avoiding the heat waste due to air exhaust

E) spray system: considering the dry summer and the easy emergence of

indoor dust which will cause the deterioration of the environment, it is configured with a spray teat every 4 square, coupled with the spray system.

F) ventilation window: it is configured with 54 small windows with wind shield controlled by negative pressure ; use automatic rolling machine


5) Automatic control, alarm and remote management system: the equipment is original imported, 40 stage controller with stable performance, complete function, high intelligence, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the breeding. Intelligent alarm system can monitor the abnormal inside henhouse. Remote management system can reduce the risk of epidemic prevention, and achieve the full linkage and convenient management at the same time.
Through the systematic design, the intelligent management system and highly automatic equipment can greatly improve the broilers’ growing environment and immunity, ensure sufficient survival rate, and reduce the labor intensity, so that customer’s economic benefits can be improved.


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