Climate Controllers

Top Profits with Precise Control

Precise control of the temperature, airflow, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting is a must for achieving top profits for growers. Connecting all of these elements together into one management system that is cost affective and easy to operate is even more critical. For this reason, Cumberland offers a full line of integrated management equipment that allows access to real-time data to ventilation, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting for the entire site from a single location. Data can be accessed from on-site PC or remotely via modem.

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Pro Vision is well designed and thought out, saving installation time and making service easy. The new enclosure and circuit board mounting system allows plenty of space for wiring and room for expansion. More grower friendly features include:

Pro Vision Environmental Controller Features:
 Layer Mode Function
– 8 time clocks for water and feed supply
– 22 tunnel fan outputs
– 6 Inputs for monitoring feed run time/water meters
– Outside temperature sensor
– 8 inside temperature sensors
– Light output adjustable with up
to 9 programs
– Alarm with outside temperature compensation
– Backup thermostat setting
change warning
– Empty zone and clean mode settings
– Monitor flock age & mortality count
– Hour meter for feeder & heater
– Detailed alarm history
– Wall vent output
– 5 fan outputs
– Water spill alarm
– History based on bird age
– 128 maximum relay capacity
– Up to 32 inside temperature probes


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So easy you’ll manage like a pro! 
Pro Vision is well designed and thought out, saving installation time and making service easy. The new enclosure and circuit board mounting system allows plenty of space for wiring and room for expansion. More grower friendly features include:Easy to Install and Setup!
  • Easy step by step setup mode
  • Large keypad for easy adjustment
  • USB Key
  • Personal computer setup software
  • Optional Input Board for Additional Temperature Probe

Easy to Use!

  • Large screen with friendly style interface that allows the user to instinctively navigate controller screens minimizing learning process time.
  • Access any menu with minimal keystrokes
  • 10 hot keys give you quick access to main settings.
  • Menus can easily switch from
    English to Spanish.
  • High resolution display enables easy to
    read conditions.

Easy to Service!

  • Outstanding high voltage surge protection
  • Pull out wire terminals
  • Built-in diagnostic software
  • Optional AMP reading relays



megegyExpert 64+ Ventilation Controller 

  •  8 Hi-Lo Heat Zones.
  • 16 Tunnel Vent Fans
  • 5 Minimum Vent Fans.
  • 2 Cooling Stages with Ramping
  • Change ventilation with 5 different programs.
  • Up to 64 relay outputs with a second relay panel.
  • Up to 24 different times on the time clock where you can assign different relays to each clock.
  • Upload/Download: Program one control on a chip and easily upload all other controls on the site.
  • Mist ramping feature: As heat increases in the building so will
    your on time.
  • Light program: Ramping light program with variable module option (LD-7000) .
  • Day and night settings for minimum ventilation: Capability of having a different minimum ventilation timer for day and night.

Mortality: Capability of entering daily mortality into the controller. Full mortality history of the current flock available



Expert-WW Controller
• Ventilation Based on Static Pressure and Temperature
• Upload/Download Chip for Easy Transfer of Settings
• Two Timed Curtain Output for Tunnel Ventilation
• Energy Saving Features
• Manual Override Switches, Indicator Lights and Relays for Each Stage

01Relay Panel 
• 40 output relay panel.
• On/Off/Auto relay switches.
• Open/Off/Close switches for curtain relays.
• Clear protective door.
• LED on lights.
• Only 5 wires between the controller and the relay panel.

Ventilation Climate Controller Accessories

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02Sundial Power Module
Control Light Intensity
• Light intensity can be different in zone 1 & 2 or identical. Two resistive loads of 3500W each.
• Manual Mode: Can be used as a stand alone unit.
• Auto Mode: Light intensity in the selected zone (s) is automatically adjusted by the main controller. Communication between both controls is established by using a 0-10V signal.
• Pre-programmed curve for incandescent lights.
• Compatible with Expert32ES, Expert64 & VLC-3



03Featherweight Bird Scale
Target Bird Weighing System will:
• Weigh your birds 24 hours/day
• Give you accurate data
• Help you reduce mortality
• Help you reach your desired TARGET weight

• Featherweight can have up to 4 platforms – 2 in each house. Each platform has an independent reading. Any platform can be assigned to house 1 or house 2.
• Load cells are not on the floor, giving you a precise reading every time.
• Very easy to use and to start in simple steps.
• Easy push-button access to information.
• Gives important daily information: Average weight, Number of weight, Standard deviation, Uniformity and daily gain
• PC Compatible


Expert Alarm Systems

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Alarm Accessories

Agri Alert 2400,
Extension Card – 8 Zone
(Up to 2 per AA-2400)

Agri Alert 9600,
Extension Card – 8 Zone
(Up to 2 per AA-9600)

Agri Alert Rechargeable Battery, 7A/H
(AA-9600 and AA-2400

Agri Alert 800/2400, Power Pack

Agri Alert 9600, Power

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