Curtain machines

01Solid Construction, Simple Operation

Choose between two different styles of Curtain Machines to maintain precise control of the environment in ventilated poultry houses. The most commonly used machine is the Curtain Controller and is available with pulleys or sprockets. The traditional Auto Curtain Machine comes with a grooved drum for cable or sprocket for chain drive. Both models are available in a variety of curtain speeds and feature heavy-duty construction with galvanized housings


03Auto Curtain 506, 507. 511
Cumberland’s Auto Curtains operate by winching a cable around a grooved drum controlled by a thermostat and timer. The model 506S version uses a sprocket and chain drive (instead of drum) turning a pipe that runs the length of the building. This sprocket version operates by pulling the curtain or door drop cords directly around the pipe eliminating the need for cable (operates same as 506).




Hardware Kits
Hardware kits are available in heavy-duty galvanized steel construction featuring sealed needle bearing pulleys, sprockets, anti-wrap design and plated fasteners for ease of installation.




05Vent Doors

GSI’s vent doors are used in poultry applications where transitional ventilation is required. All galvanized construction and simple to install, these doors are maintenance free and will provide optimum circulation for many years.


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