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Cumberland ventilation systems are the perfect solution for more efficient, high performance, climate control in poultry production facilities. Our equipment has been field refined and industry proven to be extremely effective in reducing bird stress caused by overheated or poorly ventilated houses. Even if you’re building is well ventilated, inefficient equipment can blow healthy bird profits right out the window. If you’re looking for a better return on your investment, look to Cumberland, your ventilation company.


Galvanized Fans

01Slantwall Fans 
Cumberland offers 36″ and 50″ galvanized steel belt drive and direct drive slantwall fans to efficiently and effectively maintain optimal environmental conditions. All galvanized fans are constructed of heavy gauge, G-90 grade galvanized steel and use totally enclosed “TEAO” motors designed for high efficiency and continuous duty cycles. Galvanized fan propellers are aerodynamically balanced for maximum airflow.


0203Box Fans
Cumberland Box fans feature heavy duty galvanized steel housings, grill guards, venturis and propellers.  Offered in 36″ (14″ and 19″ depth) or 50″ (21″ and 25″ depth) diameters, these fans are available in either direct or belt drive models.


04Belt Drive Fans
Our belt drive fans come standard with high quality greasable pillow block bearings and an automatic belt tensioner that helps always ensure proper belt tension.


05Cone Fans
Optional discharge cones can boost fan output by as much as 10-15% greatly increasing efficiency. Made of all galvanized steel, cones are available in easy to ship and assemble four-piece segments for 36″ and 50″ models.



Fiberglass Fans

0654″ Competitor Series Fan
Cumberland’s 52″ fiberglass cone fan is the newest generation of ventilation equipment. The Boss Fan was designed for poultry facilities that desire high capacity and efficiency. Choose from the more economical galvanized steel propeller or the premium aluminum propeller. Both styles of propellers are balanced for maximum airflow. Upon request, housings can be shipped in a two-piece knockdown version, along with the four piece cone dramatically reducing freight cost. Other features include vinyl coated guard, stainless steel square tubing, and stainless steel hardware.


0754″ Fiberglass Belt Drive
The belt driven Competitor Series Fans offers an automatic belt tensioner that provides smooth operation and maintains constant belt tension. Features include easy access for belt removal, fiberglass housing and cone, motor base and mounting hardware. Like all Cumberland belt drive fiberglass fans, cast iron pulleys and greasable pillow block bearings are standard features


08Fiberglass Fans
Cumberland’s fiberglass ventilation fans are available in 36″ and 50″ diameters, with and without cones. These fans are manufactured using a “Resin Transfer Molding” (RTM) process for a smooth finish on both interior and exterior surfaces of the fan housing. The motor mount and internal framework of the fan is constructed of corrosion resistant, heavy gauge aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware. The basic fan includes a heavy vinyl coated guard, shutter, all aluminum and stainless steel mounting hardware.


09Drive Train
Drive shafts of 1″ material allow for large, cast iron, pillow block bearings to be used for longer life. Large pulleys allow for longer belt life and smoother operation.


Composite Propellers

10Props are made of a tough composite fiberglass. Engineered with a true airfoil design, these propellers increase the overall efficiency of the fan providing optimum airflow effectiveness.

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