Heating Systems

Super-Saver Heater

Képernyőfotó 2014-04-17 - 16.16.20The Super-Saver XL heating line is a line of direct fired heaters that have model variations for both inside suspension hanging and outside mounting. The inside mount model is a gas circulating heater that’s dependability and rugged construction make it the ideal unit for a poultry environment.

Képernyőfotó 2014-04-17 - 16.17.15Outside Mounted Heaters
The outside mount models are forced air heaters that come complete with all relevant brackets and accessories for installation. Its superior combustion is provided by clean, fresh outside air which insures healthy, safe heat for your poultry needs.
All models are available with options for natural gas or liquid propane



  • models available from 40K to all 250K BTU
  • hot surface or all direct spark ignition options
  • high temp aluminized steel burn chamber
  • side swing door for easy access and maintenance
  • diagnostic lights for troubleshooting ease
  • standard adjustable “y” heat deflector
  • 1/3 HP totally enclosed thermally protected motor
    with sealed bearings
  • 1/10 HP on all 40,000 to 75,000 BTU units
  • standard 1/2” gas cock installed at gas valve
  • back-up safety sail switch
  • high limit safety switch (manual reset)
  • on/off toggle switch
  • available in 120v and 240v models

stainless steel, high altitude, and
CE certified models available


Ignition Systems
Both Hot Surface and Direct Spark electronic ignition systems are available. Super Saver heaters eliminate the expense of fuel wasted by inefficient and out dated pilot light ignition systems.




“Service-Saver” enclosed control box unit sealed from debris like dust and moisture makes the unit easily field serviceable. The side swinging door design gives easy access to internal components like the control unit and blower motor.

AV Series Radiant Tube Brooder

Industry ALL-STAR 

The AV Series Radiant Tube Brooder, a first in the poultry industry, joins the ALL-STAR line up of products from Cumberland. Hit a grand slam with this AV Heater and get the most uniform, fuel efficient heat available in the industry today!
How We Do It… The unique AV Series Radiant Tube Brooder uses 4 tubes mounted in a V-Shaped pattern to direct the heat where most needed. The upper combustion tubes contain the flame and operate at higher temperatures. Each tube has its own reflector allowing the hotter upper combustion tubes to concentrate more energy to the perimeter of the heating pattern. The lower tubes are designed to distribute a lesser radiant energy resulting in reduced hot spots directly under the units and more uniform floor temperatures across the house. The U-bend at the end of the heaters have a separate end reflector directing the energy outwards, allowing optimum uniformity between units.


Heat from an AV Series Heater distributes heat more uniformly throughout the building, creating and even comfort zone for birds. (The House pictured here is 66′ wide)

Infrared photos courtesy of Auburn University – National Poultry Technology Center.

Képernyőfotó 2014-04-17 - 16.22.38


  • No exposed flame to be affected by air flow or environment.
  • Totally enclosed electronics and burner system.
  • The highly polished aluminum reflectors allow optimum heat pattern for best uniformity.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Fresh air intake kit (attic version) with 4″x29″ duct pipe, intake cap, chain hanging kit and exhaust flapper cap are standard in each heater.
  • Indicator lights display if unit in low or high fire at a glance.
  • Easily access key components through an end service panel without having to remove the heater from suspension chains.
  • Single Stage BTU: 80,000.
    Dual Stage BTU: 50,000-80,000.
  • Option to direct vent.

Option to duct fresh air to unit to ensure clean combustion and reduce maintenance.



Why I like AV Heater?

05Paul Sanders

Grower – Pilgrims
Athens, GA

“Would highly recommend the AV heater. Preheat time is drastically reduced and it maintains a consistent and uniform floor temperature. We estimate 25% efficiency savings the 1st year.”


06Michael Cronic

Broiler Manager – Columbia Farms
Lavonia, GA
“Most uniform heat I’ve seen with very little maintenance and upkeep.”





John Holbert
Grower – JCG Farms
Calhoun, GA
“Approximately 10% fuel savings; they produce a more even heat pattern; they heat up quicker, are quicker to setup; very satisfied with the heaters.”



Charlie Howington 
Broiler Manager – Marjac Poultry
Gainesville, GA

“AV Heaters have improved gas usage and chick uniformity. Heat patterns indicate floor temperature is maintained.”



Scott Sunderland
Turkey Grower
Moroni, UT

“Yes, I have, and would recommend the AV Heater. Setup and cleaning is really easy and I believe it gives great poult health and livability.”
“Infrared images show even heat wall to wall and end to end.”



Mark Bellamy 
Broiler Manager – Pilgrims
Athens, GA

“Growers are pleased with fuel savings, ease of maintenance, consistent heat patterns and ability to pre-heat the house quicker.”


Jet Brooders

Powerful and Fuel Efficient

Cumberland Radiant Brooders operate using the same principle as the sun. Before heating the air, radiant warmth is aimed directly towards the birds and litter area where it’s needed most. This warmth at floor level helps keep the litter area dry and keep ammonia levels lower. To save fuel, heat is trapped and recycled by creating a thermal reservoir in the litter area.



Brooder Features 

  • Cumberland’s 40,000 BTU/HR provides a fuel efficient source of radiant heat for all types of poultry applications.
  • Enclosed insulation is specially designed to maintain durability and high efficiency.
  • 3 control options to meet your individual needs.

Factory pre-assembled components for quick and simple installation.

12Radiant Heat
The 60º stainless steel emitter angle, combined with spun-steel canopy, radiates heat where it’s needed most for optimal bird comfort. This large radiant heat pattern established at floor level means a low-cost and extremely efficient heating alternative.





Enclosed Insulation
Cumberland’s fully insulated and enclosed stainless steel emitter is assembled so the insulation will withstand the tough operating conditions found in poultry houses. Also with this design, the heat loss back through the emitter that can occur over time can be prevented. Durability and prevention are only two attributes of this exclusive design that will provide maximum efficiency.



Zone Control Panel*

For use with Zone Control Type Brooders. Provides 24 volt power supply for operation of up to 4 zones and 24 brooders. Includes 24 volt transformer and battery connections for emergency DC operation. Operational monitoring lights are standard.
* Not included with individual brooders

Bird Placement Per Brooder

Broilers 2000-3000
Ducks 750-1000
Breeders 1500-2000
Pheasants 1500-2000
Turkeys 750-1000

Control Options:

Zone Control Radiant Brooder
For single or multi-zone installations using central o multiple thermostats. This 24 volt AC zone type control can also operate on 12 volt DC as backup. The gas valve includes a built-in regulator. A 24 volt power supply is required. Brooder can be operated by 24 volt thermostat, computer or environmental controller. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

Modulating Radiant Brooder
A modulating type HI/LO control with integral thermostat. No electrical supply is needed. Upon call for heat, valve will open from pilot to low fire and modulate between low and high fire as necessary to maintain desired temperature setting. When thermostat has been satisfied, valve will modulate down to low fire and then drop to pilot. 100% gas shut-off valve.

Non-Modulating Radiant Brooder
An individual, non-electric, fully automatic On/Off control with integral thermostat which operates on millivolts generated by the pilot – no electrical supply needed. Integral thermostat features a side temperature range for easy adjustment. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

Direct Spark Ignition


Mounting Bracket
A unique easy leveling low profile mounting bracket comes standard with Cumberland Raidant Brooders. This allows the brooder to be winched 3 1/2″ closer to the roof of the house.


Radiant Brooders

Cumberland PuraFire Brooders

Cumberland’s PuraFire Brooder combines just the right mixture of gas and air for optimal burn and excellent heat coverage. This system accommodates liquid propane or natural gas for a low cost, and extremely efficient heating alternative. A one-piece burner and removable pilot cover allow easy maintenance for years of reliable operation.



15Brooder Features

  • A consistent, clean burning & fuel efficient source of heat.
  • Quick, low profile hanging system with three point, leveling adjustment bracket.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum or galvanized canopies.
  • One piece burner attaches securely with an E-ring.
  • Pilot cover snaps off for easy cleaning.

2′, 3′, or 4′ sizes.


S.I.T. Gas Control Valve
Modulating (21,000 – 35,000 BTU)
Non-Modulating (30,000 – 35,000 BTU)

Each PuraFire Brooder with an S.I.T. controller has its own adjustable thermostat (with a range of 70° -115° in 7° increments) for optimal control and consistent temperatures.

S.I.T. controller conversion between non-modulating and modulating operation is a simple task requiring only the change of a screw. The S.I.T. controller features a 100% safety shut off and accommodates LP or natural gas.

Képernyőfotó 2014-04-17 - 16.36.40


16Zone Control Panel
The zone control panel allows you to control up to 30 brooders from one place. It also features a battery backup, four fused zone connections and one thermostat.


17Zone Control Valve
Cumberland’s zone control valve (30,000-35,000 BTU) allows you to manage your whole system with a single temperature adjustment.


18Robertshaw 110-S
Cumberland also offers the 110-S controller for consistent temperatures ranging from 58° to 90° F adjustable in 4 increments and featuring a 100% safety valve.


193-Point Adjustment
Quick and easy 3-point adjustment hanging system provides easy leveling without the need for any tools. The chain can be shortened to 2-3/4″.


20Easy Cleaning Pilot
The stainless steel, snap on/off pilot cover is designed for longevity and easy cleaning.


21Durable Thermostats
Cumberland’s thermostats ensure accurate, automatic operation and are moveable for you convenience.


Radiant Tube Heat

Specifically designed for the Agricultural Marketplace.

22Tube heaters have known operating benefits and are commonly applied in swine, poultry, brooder and dairy applications. Further efficiencies can be achieved through the use of two-stage heating equipment. This includes reduced operating expenses, reduced on-off cycling, improved animal comfort and the ability to change BTU outputs depending upon animal size and changing weather conditions. Benefits include improved animal performance, reduced fuel consumption and improved longevity.


23AG-1 Series
The AG-1 Series are single-stage heaters designed for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments. Proven construction features assure reliable performance in non-corrosive environments at an economical price. Performance and flame distribution are enhanced by the use of a stainless steel ‘swirl’ burner. Radiant output is optimized with highly polished aluminum reflectors and optional coated aluminized steel heat exchangers. Standard features include single stage operation, hot surface ignition, indicator lights, most mounting accessories and potted (waterproof) circuit boards.

24AG-2 Series
The AG-2 Series are dual-stage heaters designed for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments. Proven construction features assure reliable performance in non-corrosive environments with added two-stage operational benefits. Performance and flame distribution are enhanced by the use of a stainless steel ‘swirl’ burner. Radiant output is optimized with high polished aluminum reflectors and optional coated aluminized steel heat exchangers. Standard features include dual-stage operation, hot surface ignition, indicator lights, and most mounting accessories. The AG-2 also features a microprocessor-based circuit board with soft-lockout and self-diagnostic capabilities.


25Patented Two-Stage Burner
The unique two stage burner adapts to varying conditions providing a more consistent comfort zone with fewer off cycles. Units operate at low fire the majority of the time for improved energy efficiency. High fire mode provides reserve heating capability when conditions require.









Cumberland’s AG-1 or AG-2 Heater Features
• 16 ga. aluminized combustion chamber – (1st 10′)
• Turbulator baffle for maximum efficiency
• 4″ overlapping slip-fit tube connections
• High efficiency polished aluminum reflectors
• Solid state silicon carbide ignition system
• Unique anti-rattle reflector springs
• 24″ PVC coated stainless steel flex connector provided
• Ignition changeable without tools
• Bolted tube clamps
• 2 x 4 electrical junction box
• Air inlet collar standard
• 100% enclosed components
• 1/2″ gas cock provided
• Reflector end caps

Re-Verber-Ray Infra-red
Getting heat where you want it can be difficult. One way is to use Re-Verber-Ray Infra-red by Cumberland. Infra-red heat emulates the true efficiency of the sun. It generates energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects like floors and animals. The energy is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding area by convection. This is the most efficient method of heating many poultry facilities.
Allowing heat to be directed straight to the birds allows them to find their own comfort zone either closer to or farther away from the heater according to their preference. This obviously reduces stress and allows for better bird performance.

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