Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems 

Cumberland offers a full line of heating and ventilation equipment to efficiently and effectively maintain optimal environmental conditions including…


Exhaust Fans
01GSI has just the right fan to fit your particular ventilation requirements…MORE


Fan Shutters

02GSI shutters can provide an easy and affordable means of controlling incoming light and building climate.

We offer a variety of shutters. PVC shutters come in white or black, and are very low maintenance and easy to clean. The black shutters are used in reduced lighting applications. Galvanized shutters have galvanized frames, with epoxy painted blades to reduce rusting, allow easy cleaning and provide additional protection. Aluminum shutters offer great durability in any environment. They have no parts to rust, and are practically maintenance free.

Komfort Kooler Systems

03GSI can assist you in adapting the Komfort Kooler to most new and existing production facilities.

Komfort Kooler Evaporative Cooling Systems utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to reduce bird stress and combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress. A main contributor to high bird stress and low bird weight is an overheated or poorly ventilated poultry house. Now is the time to prepare for the hot summer season with GSI ventilation and cooling systems.

Curtain Machine Controllers
04Our Curtain Controllers maintain precise control of the environment in naturally ventilated buildings.

Read more about Curtain Controllers here.

Tunnel Door Inlet Systems

05Our tunnel inlets help to eliminate dead zone areas created by curtain sidewalls and curtain pockets.

The single Tunnel Inlet Door comes fully assembled and an ultra lightweight, rigid laminate foam panel construction makes for easy installation. All brackets are galvanized for durability and long life. With an insulation value of R-8, the Tunnel Inlet Door provides excellent energy savings compared to conventional curtain inlets. The lightweight rigid laminate foam panel construction includes a profiled rubber seal for an airtight fit. Single door tunnel inlets are available in 4′, 5′, and 6′ heights and include two color options; black for dark out conditions, and white when dark out conditions are not required.

RollSeal Door


Our patented and state-of-the-art RollSeal Doors are a simple, functional and inexpensive environmental control. Every RollSeal product is designed to provide an energy efficient seal on all sides when closed. An air gap is formed by the inner and outer layers of fabric that work together becoming outstanding quality insulation. Simple installation consists of attaching the side tracks to the head unit, standing the door upright to the frame and bolting the unit in place. Both Models are available with the choice of a manual chain hoist or a motor drive.

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