Feed Delivery & Storage

Feed Delivery & Storage Cumberland’s Bulk Feed Tanks and Flex-Flo™ perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Cumberland is a division of The GSI Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel storage tanks (from the smallest feed tanks to massive 100 feet/31 meters tall, 15,000+ ton capacity commercial giants).

01Bulk Feed Tanks

Cumberland’s Bulk Feed Tanks are made from the finest raw materials available. Every stage of the forming process, from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing, is done under one roof and under our direct control and supervision.





Distributing feed to the feeders controllably, cleanly, and efficiently is the specific function of Cumberland’s Flex-Flo™ Auger System. The entire system is flexible and adaptable to your specific needs – in feeds, in house layout, and in installation and maintenance.


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