Bulk Feed Tanks

Bulk Feed Tanks

Cumberland offers galvanized steel storage bulk feed tanks available in a variety of specifications featuring:

– Steep 30° roof slopes for fast moisture run off.

– Hoppers available in 45, 60, and 67° slopes for effectively handling a variety of feeds & grains.

– Specially engineered bracing for maximum support.

– Exclusive, patented Auto-Lok ground controlled lid openers.

– Drip Lip diverts water away from the hopper and lower boot area.

– Hopper Valve allows easy grain sampling.

E-Z Kleenout panel allows for convenient and thorough ground level inspection and cleaning.   0102

Bin Roof

Cumberland offers your choice of a 30 degree (shown above) or 40 degree bin roof to adapt to any application. Roof panels are precision manufactured  using die-form tooling to provide consistent quality. Both 30 degree and 40 degree roofs feature reinforcing ribs at each roof seam for added strength and rigidity.

0304Factory Formed Fill Kits Another Cumberland exclusive is the pre-punched, extruded lip roof panel provided for the optional pneumatic fill kit. Pre-punching eliminates the inconvenience and difficulty of  field-cutting the openings for the fill and exhaust tubes, and insures secure, moisture-proof seals.

0506Hopper Bottoms Tank hoppers are available in three slopes: 45 degree for dry, free flowing grains and 60 or 67 degree for harder flowing materials. Like the roof panels, hopper panels are die-formed with rounded corners and down turned sealing edges for safety and a weather-tight fit. In addition, assembly with rounded, truss-head bolts reduces “bridging” of contents on inner surfaces. By fitting snugly into the offset outward throat of the hopper, the heavy gauge galvanized steel collar provides a perfectly smooth internal transition for optimum flow, as well as re-fit adapter for all 16″ (406mm) unloading accessories. Hoppers are available at no additional cost with an optional 22″ (559mm) opening which adapts to our rotary unloader … or the larger, heavy duty 22″ (559mm) metal boot. Exclusive to Cumberland hoppers, the “eave”, the upper edge where the hopper is joined to the sidewall, is die-formed to conform to the shape of the sidewall corrugation (See A.). Most other manufacturers depend on crimping and bolt pressure to force the connection (See B.) … which produces corrosion-prone distortion and “dimpling” of the sidewall. Cumberland’s die-formed eave provides a much tighter seal and smoother flow of material.

07Secure Access Cumberland feed tanks feature the exclusive, patented “Auto-Lok” ground control access system for opening, closing, and latching the fill cap safely and easily from the ground. Our cap system comes completely factory assembled, saving significant time and trouble in installation. The cap itself swings open a full 180 degrees. The cap lies flat, parallel to the ground, completely eliminating the annoying and all-too-frequent interference with, or damage to, the cap from the fill auger. In fact, to meet consumer demand, the Cumberland Fill Cap is available as a replacement for destroyed or damaged caps on most competitor’s tanks. Cumberland’s patented “Auto-Lok” lid system allows the bin to be opened, closed and locked from the ground. The lid swings open a full 180 degrees, eliminating interference with fill augers.

08Strength & Durability High tensile steel sidewall sheets, with a galvanized coating, provide outstanding strength and durability along with the 2 – 2/3″ (68 mm) wide by 1/2″ (13 mm) deep corrugation and precision formed panel. Cumberland also provides solid, convenient access via a fully die-formed side ladder with dimpled non-skid rungs.

9 Cumberland offers you a variety of bin sizes to fit your specific needs.     10Drip Lip Cumberland’s drip lip water deflection design is a one-of-a-kind, roll-formed bottom sheet edge. It forces water away from the hopper and lower boot area, giving complete weather protection without a loss in capacity.

1140 Degree Roofs 40 degree roofs provide additional strength and capacity. (Shown with optional pneumatic fill kit.)

12Legs & Anchors Cumberland tanks are supported by our own unique, roll-formed, fully galvanized 6-bend legs (manufactured with Cumberland’s exclusive computer controlled machinery), providing significantly greater strength than simple angle iron legs and greater corrosion resistance than painted legs. Galvanized roll-formed cross ties and two piece leg anchor sections provide strength, stability, support, and load transfer.

13E-Z Kleenout Panel Cumberland’s optional E-Z Kleenout hopper panel allows for convenient and thorough ground level inspection and cleaning. The panel can be easily unbolted removed from the exterior of the bin in a matter of minutes. A weather seal gasket protects the bin contents from the elements The E-Z Kleenout panel can be easily adapted to existing feed bins and can be used on tanks with up to a 15 ton maximum capacity.

14Scales The heavy duty mechanical tank scale allows you to easily set the daily ration of feed simply by sliding the poise to the desired weight. Once this amount has been distributed, the system automatically shuts itself down (while leaving the system fully charged, ready for the next feeding).

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