Flex-Flo™ Feed Delivery Systems

Nothing beats Cumberland’s Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system in flexibility and adaptability. Using PVC tubing as the carrier of feed not only provides flexibility in facility design, but reduces dust, provides protection against insect and rodent contamination, and reduces stressful operation noise


System Efficiency Cumberland offers several unloader systems including single, twin, tandem and twin tandem models. The Flex-Flo auger can be direct or belt driven by a 1/3 to 1 – 1/2 horsepower, totally enclosed fan cooled motor at a standard 358 RPM (other speeds are available for special applications). A wide selection of accessory equipment is also available including extension hoppers to adjust auger lengths, time clocks, automatic shut-off switches, intermediate drop kits, and y-drops.

Flex-Flo™ Models
 Both tubing and augers are available in four sizes and five models with capacities ranging from 15 lbs. to 220 lbs./minute (6.8 kg to 99.8 kg/min.). Whether it’s ground feed, crumble feed, mash, high moisture corn, shelled corn or pellets, Cumberland has the equipment to handle it.For corn with up to 27% moisture and other hard to flow material, Cumberland also offers a Flex-Flo™ High Roughage system which incorporates a special combination of a 3″ (75 mm) auger in a 3 – 1/2″ (90 mm) tube to reduce plugging.







0507Universal Sensor Cumberland’s Universal Sensor is truly universal, it adapts to control voltages from 24 to 240 volts and can operate either normally open or normally closed. This switch utilizes technology that is not sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity eliminating the need for a sensitivity adjustment. The convenient push button interface allows you to quickly and precisely program an on delay from one second to three hours to prevent short cycling of the feed system. LED’s indicate the status of the switch at all times. The Universal Sensor is available pre-mounted and pre-wired in the Flex-Flo™ control unit. This control unit features an oversized outlet to prevent feed bridging.


06Maximum Run Timer Cumberland’s Maximum Run Timer prevents costly feed spills and auger wear by shutting down the feed line if the system operates longer than the programmed run time. An indicator light alerts you to why the system was shut down. The reset button allows the auger to be restarted after the problem has been corrected. This run timer can be easily adapted to any flexible auger system.







Tubing Blend Cumberland’s polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing is mixed and formed in our own facility to exacting standards under strict quality control. Blending our own PVC allows us to formulate the optimum compound for UV stabilization, strength, and wear resistance.


Around the Bend For moving feed up in the air and around corners, Flex-Flo™ tubing is available in specially formed elbows with increased wall thickness on the inside of the elbow for strength and wear resistance.


Quality Auger  Cumberland augers are coiled in-house from high tensile steel. The steel wire Cumberland uses is flattened prior to hardening, providing for a more consistent, higher quality product.


Belt Drive Unit As with the direct drive unit, Cumberland’s belt drive unit features an easy to access maintenance port and automatic overheat shut-off in the event of feed backup in the line.

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