Chain Feeder System

Chain Feeder System

Cumberland’s direct and belt drive Chain Feeder Systems represent the classic, proven technique for even, low-stress distribution of feed providing equal access of feed to all birds and assuring uniform development.



Direct Drive System

Cumberland offers an exclusive direct drive system in addition to the gearbox, belts and pulleys currently used on all chain feeders. The direct drive system offers numerous advantages including increased strength, greater efficiency, lighter weight and safer operation. Additionally, the direct drive system requires very little maintenance and comes with a two year warranty on the gearbox.

With the full range of grill patterns, trough designs and connections, and suspension and hopper options, Cumberland Chain Feeder Systems can be specifically configured to meet the particular needs of the individual grower and house layout. This is available in a system that incorporates all the proven operational advantages of chain feeding with dependability and durability you can count on.


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Corner Mechanism
Completely enclosed in a powder coated, steel housing, the corner mechanism is specifically designed for low maintenance and high performance. Mounted on a hardened steel base plate, the corner guide rail and fluted wheel provide maximum wear resistance while assuring smooth chain movement.

Exclusive Design
The traditional yoke weldment connecting the drive gears to the motor (an annoying source of shearing and misalignment in chain feeder systems) has been eliminated and replaced by a precision-machined design that reduces the number of parts, guarantees proper alignment and significantly enhances dependability.

Troughs and Grills
Troughs are available in two sizes: a smaller design for pullets and a larger trough (with a “feed saver” lip) for hens. Grills are available in almost any configuration to control access in any category.

Electronically Controlled System


The Cumberland Chain Feeder System is operated electronically. The standard speed system (60 feet or 18.28 meters per minute) uses either a 24-hour pin clock or a 24-hour digital clock, both of which can be preprogrammed to control all feeding and fill systems from the weigh bin, to the house, to the feeder itself. The high speed system (up to 120 feet or 36.58 meter per minute) can be purchased with an optional soft start controller to assist the motor in gradually increasing to full speed.

Cumberland’s Durable Hoppers

Cumberland’s mini-hoppers are built to last utilizing highly advanced welding for strong connections and a multistage cleaning process including shot-blasting and electrostatic powder coating, oven baked for a durable finish. Mini-hoppers are available in a full range of formats from 1-line, 1-way to 6-line, 2-way, and come standard with feed return wheels and feed level adjustments. Fill hoppers, mini-hoppers and our new single drive unit complete our full line of feeding equipment.

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One Line Unloader
Utilizing the same reliable feed return wheel and shaft as the mini-hopper and maxi-hopper, Cumberland’s one line unloader adds another option for uniform feed distribution. With a weight of only 27 pounds (12.25 kg), the one line unloader is easy to handle and install.

Connecting Sections


Trough connecting sections are available in a full range of formats: 6″, 8″ and 12″ (15.2 cm, 20.3 cm and 30.5 cm) lengths with clip-on or wrap around hangers (and heavy duty “J” hangars). Adjustable leg stands are also available, as well as corners in all compatible formats.

09Weighing Systems
Cumberland offers three types of weighing systems to serve the Chain Feeder System. Choose from a 6′ (1.83 m) tank scale with a 5000 pound (2268 kg) capacity or a complete load cell package for out-of-house weighing of feed. For in-house weighing, a platform scale is available with either 1800 pound (816 kg) or 4000 pound (1814 kg) capacity hoppers and is also used as an intermediate weigh-station in some applications. Also for in-house weighing, we offer a 650 pound (295 kg) hopper scale.





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