Watering Systems

Watering Systems

Cumberland’s experience and engineering continue to bring to you a complete watering system loaded with innovations, features and maintenance free reliability, providing for large healthy birds and dry floors. Every system is backed by our generous warranty program, and our personal commitment to your satisfaction.



Cumberland proudly presents the watering system that has re-set the standard for the entire industry. This system features important innovations including the 360° side-to-side toggle action nipple valve which makes drinking four times easier than ever before, the upper metering pin to precisely control the flow of water through the valve and the drink cup which leads to a more sanitary environment. Stainless Nipple Valves

  • 5 different styles available to meet everyone’s watering needs.
  • High precision stainless steel ball and seat.
  • Only 3 moving parts.
  • 360° toggle.
  • Four times easier action.
  • Lower pin drinking cavity attracts chicks.
  • Standard J-Type connection interchanges with other brands.

System: 9000 Series

  • Standard large volume supply pipe – 1.05″ (27 mm).
  • Light resistant water pipe prevents algae.
  • Aluminum support rail.
  • Easy push together assembly.
  • No glue necessary.

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Scissor hangers hold the watering tube/nipples firmly in place while allowing the support tube to freely slide should it expand or contract in changing climates.

Cumberland Water Regulator

  • Flushing of the Cumberland Watering System requires no EXTRA plumbing or valves.
  • Cumberland End-Line Regulator has a a unique in-line watering outlet design that enables it to be used for mid-line Regulators with a simple removal of an end cap.
  • Simplicity of Inventory: Cumberland Water Regulator is designed and packaged for all watering applications being: Aluminum Rail, Round Pipe, Hose Threads and Pipe Threads.
  • The Cumberland Regulator can be easily removed from the watering line without interfering with the suspension of the watering line.
  • The housing of the Cumberland Water Regulator is thicker and larger in diameter. This design will accept higher incoming water  pressure and help prevent any leakage where housing is bolted together.
  • Self sealing cap at clear sight tube to prevent water spillage.
  • Handles a pressure range from 1 to 24 inches of water column.
  • Watering pipe (O.D. 1.05″) can be easily slipped into the regulator outlet that comes with the o-ring to prevent leakage.


Removable End Cap Cumberland’s end-line regulator becomes a mid-line regulator with the removal of an end cap. Flushing System Cumberland’s unique Water Regulator is designed for greater versatility and ease of use. Cumberland’s experience and engineering bring you a watering system loaded with innovations, features and maintenance free reliability, providing for healthy birds and good litter conditions.



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