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HH20 Broiler Watering Systems
The patented FeatherSoft Broiler Nipples are designed to meet the demands of today’s broad poultry production needs. Choose between FeatherSoft Advantage Nipples and FeathersSoft Hi-Flow Nipples with LitterGard to design a system that best satisfies the needs of your unique broiler operation.


Features and Benefits
Raised water entry point
The nipple’s raised water entry point inside the water pipe eliminates the possibility of sediments from entering the nipple assembly.

Large surface area for water entry
The water metering pin, extruding inside the water pipe, has a large diameter which enables it to more effectively capture and direct water into the nipple.

Simplistic design
The patented three part nipple design is made with precision machined stainless steel. It includes an all stainless steel body or a stainless steel body with plastic shell, triggering pin and multi-stage metering pin.

360º side action triggering
FeatherSoft nipples offer precision movements of the triggering pin getting day-old birds off to the best start.

Exact water metering at every age
As birds grow they naturally increase the upward pressure on the triggering pin. The higher the birds activate the triggering pin a larger volume of water is then released.

Square pipe advantage
Square pipe keeps nipples always in an upright position.

Simple and quick assembly
Watering sections are shipped pre-assembled according to company specifications saving significant money in installation time.

LitterGard™ Feature
LitterGuards protect the litter improving growing conditions.


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Turkey Systems
The EasyLine™ Nipple Drinking System is the breakthrough in turkey drinking technology that turkey growers have long been waiting for.


Recommended number of birds/nipple 
Brooding: 30-40
Tom finishing: approx. 20
Hen finishing: 25-30
Versions of 10’ sections
Brooding or Hen Finishing: 3, 4, 5, and 6 drinkers/section
Versions of 10’ sections
Tom Finishing: 3, 4, and 5 drinkers/section

The EasyLine System offers the following benefits over conventional watering systems:
 Fresher supply of water to the birds
- Better litter conditions
- Improved air quality
- Healthier birds
- Higher liveability rates

The Principle of the Pendulum.
At the heart of the system are the patented pendulum and turkey nipple. As the birds drink from the cup, their heads move the pendulum from side to side, thus triggering the nipple. The valve in the nipple opens and water flows through the pendulum into the cup.

A Starter Ball is used for turkey poults to help them move the pendulum from side to side.



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