Generation Structures

Generation Structures


Our new 80-Series building can double net payback to growers when compared to conventional width buildings.

The 100% steel construction Generation Structures building by GSI is definitely state-of-the-art of live production buildings. No plastic ceilings or wood walls.

The structure’s negative pressure ventilation is unmatched with its durable operating design features.

When compared to other buildings on the market, this GSI Generation Structures’ attention to detail in building design, use of premium materials, day-to-day operating efficiency and it has the expectancy of 20 year minimum useful life with proper maintenance provide greater value than ever before.

We are confident that once you have had an opportunity to learn more about this building, you’ll agree that Generation Structures is the industry’s choice in building design and production.




Benefits of GSI Generation Structure

  • Over 20 years of poultry housing construction experience
  • Sold over 100 worldwide
  • Engineered design compy with British and American building code
  • Custom design to fit every customer’s size a withstand
  • Built with Praat and Warren truss system and heavy gauge column to withstand high wind and heavy snow
  • Drop ceiling design provide clear span to avoid air turbulence
  • Drop ceiling with fiberglass wool insulation provide minimum R12 plus insulation value.
  • Clear span structure from 12m up to 24m width
  • Heavy gauge galvanized high tensile steel structures such as coloumn, trusses, roof purlin, and wall framing to provide excellent corrosion resistant and long building life
  • Insulation at walls and ceiling to save energy cost
  • Main structure fram’s truss and coloumn all us bolt and nut fastening to endure vibration due to equipment hanging and to weather cyclical wind loads
  • No welding required at field
  • Tight house construction to facilitate control of desired air-speed and temperature with the least energy cost
  • Structure parts are fabricated with fully automatic NC Cut & Drill machine for high manufacturing accuracy




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