Nesting Systems

Nesting Systems


Cumberland’s Mechanical Nesting Systems

Cumberland offers Mechanical Nesting Systems to reduce stress on birds while decreasing the number of floor and slat eggs. Mechanical nests can contribute significantly to enhancing hatchability and profitability by providing hens with a comfortable, safe and easily accessible laying area and growers with efficient and dependable automated egg collection.


Durable Nest Pads
Cumberland’s rubber finger or gray crushed leaf nest pads are easy to clean and provide a comfortable and inviting laying area. Both designs promote proper roll-out with minimal egg contact. Pads are available for 10 and 12 hole nests.

Nest Bottoms
Our plastic, corrosion resistant nest bottom has large openings from the front of the nest to the back keeping litter from building up without losing any strength. It’s contoured design helps funnel eggs to the belt with ease.

Nest Bottom Rods
The nest bottom rods support the nest bottom without the need for ledges that can cause litter build up. Adjustable nest bottom rods will help facilitate safe egg roll out. Cumberland’s exclusive metal finger tabs hold the nest pads securely in place.

Wooden Perch
For Center Roll-Out nests, Cumberland offers an optional wooden perch, with double-reveted support brackets to eliminate sway. The perch can be raised and locked to control accessibility.

Center Roll Out Nesting Systems


Manufactured of the finest galvanized material available, both the 10 and 12 compartment mechanical nests perfectly illustrateCumberland’s sincere commitment to engineering excellence, consistent production and careful consideration of the growers’ actual needs.

All exposed metal edges are hemmed or rolled to eliminate bird injury or bruising.


Larger Vertical Opening


Cumberland’s AN12 hole and AN10 hole mechanical nest offers a new larger vertical hole opening that helps provide proper and easy access for the bird. The front cover panel design extends to the bottom of the nest to keep any unwanted debris from under the nest.

Aisle Trays and Covers


Heavy duty galvanized aisle trays, and grey vinyl aisle covers, protect the egg belt and the eggs as they pass between the units. The covers significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the expense of continuously replacing corroded metal aisle covers. Vinyl covers are available for recessed or non-recessed nest installations.

Anti-Roost Device 


A simple but effective anti-roost device, and a steep pitched roof, keep brids from roosting on the houses.

Return Idler 


Belt rollers are made of heavy-duty plastic and adjustable with a simple screw pin to provide optimal belt alignment. A durable fiber brush sweeps the reutrn belt for cleaner pathways.

Front Roll Out Nesting Systems

Utilizing the latest technology in computer aided design and high quality manufacturing, Cumberland enhances it’s mechanical nesting equipment with the Front Roll-Out Nesting System. Features include: universal parts instead of left & right parts, closeout lid to restrict access, 8′ (2.44m) nest with 20 or 16 holes, 6′ (1.83m) speed control cord, and a large 32″ x 38″ (81.3cm x 96.5 cm) table collection surface.

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Roll Out Nests, the FRN Flipper comes standard and keeps the birds from roosting on top of the nest.

Return Idler
Like the idler on our standard mechanical nest, the return idler on the Front Roll Out Nest is easily accessible under a hinged cover. Heavy duty rollers are adjustable with a simple screw pin and a durable fiber brush keeps pathways clear of unwanted materials.

Front Nest Access

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The Front Roll Out Nest features convenient front access for egg collection in the event of a power failure. It also allows for easier cleanout, maintenance and belt inspection without extensive and time consuming disassembly. The Front Roll Out Nest features a hinged lid which conveniently lifts or closes to block nest access.

Your Choice of Pads
The Front Roll Out Nest also offers the gray crushed leaf or rubber finger nest pads with a durable, easy to clean, plastic carriage.

Collection Tables for Center Roll-Out Systems


Gather eggs quickly, easily, comfortably and safely with Cumberland’s Model 392 Egg Collection Table, Cumberland’s tables minimize labor costs while avoiding the physical stress often associated with conventional nesting and manual egg collection methods. This table feature an adjustable table height from 26″ (66cm) to 40″ (101.6cm). Other features include an adjustable overhead culling shelf with fluorescent light, ac completely pre-wired, readily accessible, variable speed control with “soft start” feature, a reversing switch and a vinyl covered, padded-rimmed collection table.

Belt Tightener
Each table features a spring loaded, self-adjusting belt tightener with automatic shutdown and a front cleanout with a belt brush to continuously remove debris from the line.




Expanded Tables

Utilizing all the same features as the 392, Cumberland’s 893 Expanded Collection Table allows for simultaneous collection from both sides or from the front. It can accommodate large egg flats, features a hinged egg diverter for easy access to the belt and comes with a 6′ cord allowing the speed control to be mounted in various locations. Cumberland offers various ways of egg collection to meet your specific needs.

Collection Tables for Front Roll-Out Systems

Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out egg collection table features a large collection table surface and plastic sweep arms that guide eggs from both belts to the center of the table for ease of collection. Table offers center cut-away passage that allows you the option to sit comfortably and collect eggs. Pre-wired variable speed control, culling shelf, fluorescent light fixture, leg adjustment and vinyl covered table are just some of the feature that the Model 199 Egg Collection Table offers.





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