Betting-related match-fixing has shown itself as a recurrent, complex problem worldwide, transcending national boundaries, sporting disciplines and degrees of competition, and between a wide range of celebrities, such as referees, officials, coaches and athletes. The evolution of new technologies, the”hyper-globalisation” of the betting market, and unsuccessful regulation have been the main drivers of the surge. The negative effect of betting-related match-fixing about the integrity of sport, in addition to betting’s links to gambling addiction and organised crime, have fuelled arguments against the legalisation of sports gambling, a continuing issue. This session will examine the sports betting frameworks which exist, and the job of regulatory and law enforcement entities to stop match-fixing and organised crime associated with sport.
Facilitator: United Kingdom, David Harrison Al Jazeera International Integrity in Sport Team, claudio Marinelli INTERPOL Gabriela Matus Bonilla, Industrial Designer IOC Young Change-Maker, Guatemala Sylvia Schenk, Chair of Working Group Sport Germany
Karl Stoss, IOC Member Advisory Board Member, OM Unit PMC, Austria United Kingdom, richard Watson The Gambling Commission