After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service

GSI’s after-sale service is famous for its amiable image, professional solution, quick speed and strict process. Our after-sale service process is customer-centric, we take products as the goal and provide exclusive service for them:


1. Product Installation and debugging

2. Technology instruction for usage based on customer requirements

3. Supply of spare parts

4. Maintenance services

5. Handling the customer’s problem, answering their inquiries in time. At the same time using various ways to collect the views of consumers on product quality and making timely improvement.

1. Confirm the problem

Carefully and patiently record customer’s statement of the problem.

After understanding the problem, seek their views such as what appropriate solution and requirement they need.


2. Analyze the problem

Consult counterparts about the problem, or report it to business leaders, trying to analyze it together.


3. Mutual Consultation

After consultation with the counterparts or the leaders, the field service staff receives the definite opinion and negotiates with customers. Seize the key points to properly resolve.


4. Implementation of processing solutions

Make the proper disposal with assisted conclusion. GSI after-sales service will definitely keep monitoring and tracking until the customer reflect their satisfaction


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