Environmental controls

Environmental Controls

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Advanced Controls & Monitoring
Environmental controls are the core of any ventilation system. AP offers the professional producer precise control and monitoring of environment feeding and watering with the proper controls for heating, cooling, air inlets and more. Precision control and monitoring of environmental systems requires sophisticated tools you can rely on including the ability to custom configure your controls to meet the specific requirements of your facility’s ventilation systems and production practices. AP controls are user-friendly and durable in the harsh environment of a livestock facility.



I-BOX 360° Communication Systems

AP controllers, timers and monitors can be linked together and monitored from an I-Box on site or remotely via the internet.Receiving accurate, real time information with the ability to control vital systems in your facility from an office PC or remotely via the internet is what I-Box is all about.


Our I-Box software allows you to make changes to ventilation control and time parameters, monitor current environmental conditions, data log and chart historical information. The software utilizes pull down menus and dialog boxes to make it simple to operate.

It’s informative, it’s Intelligent, it’s I-Box.


EXPERT™ Series


03Standard Features:

Zoning of heaters, inlets and circulation fans with up to eight inside temperature sensors.

Power save feature allows smaller, less efficient fans to be switched off as th temperature rises.

Air inlet, chimney and curtain outputs use timer logic based staging.

Set point and minimum ventilation curves.

USB flash drive is used to duplicate programming of multiple controls (Series II is not USB, it uses Config 300).

Seamless ventilation steps between stages when using variable speed fans.

Separate day/night set points and minimum ventilation settings.

Up to two timed outputs for feed systems, water or lights.

Cooling stage with cycle timer.

Alarm that monitors up to ten functions; 16 are monitored in the Series II and 11 in VT110.

Clean mode with soaking stage.

Removable relays with individual indicator lights and on/off/auto switches.

Overload and over voltage protection.

Full speed start up on variable fan stages.

Records heater run time up to 75 days.

Records run time of up to four feed systems fo up to 75 days.

Records high and low temperature history for up to seven days.

Records animal count, age and mortality.










Optional Features:

Humidity sensor input; compensates heaters, minimum ventilation rate based on humidity. Records humidity history for up to seven days.

Static pressure input; compensates inlets according to static pressure. Records static pressure history for up to seven days.

Outside temperature sensor with compensation.

Water meter inputs; gives alarm in event of water spill. Records water comsumption history for up to 75 days.

Up to two additional variable speed fan or electric heat stages using 0-10 volt outputs.

Backup safety relay system available for added protection.






Ideal for farrowing and nursery rooms requiring precise control of the environment, the”MINI” line of controls offers many of the EXPERT features at a TC5 Series comparible price.

“MINI” Standard Features:

Button style user interface.

Seamless ventilation steps between variable speed stages.

Internal air inlet output using timed logic staging.

Outside temperature compensation for alarm settings.

Records and displays heater run time for six days.

Input for water meter to record six days usage.

USB flash drive for fuplicating and storing settings.

Day and night set points.

Overload and over voltage protection.

TC5 Series



TC5 Series Ventilation Controls

Sophisticated, yet simple to program and operate, these controls are designed and manufactured for specific applications such as natural, tunnel or power/natural ventilation.


Standard Features:

Up to four temperature sensors averaging temperature.

High/low temperature retention.

Set point and minimum ventilation curves.

Overload and over voltage protection.

Zoned or cascading heat stages.

Alarm output.

De-icing cycle on second stage variable fans.



Optional Features:

Humidity sensor input.

Air inlet control using TC5-ITA timed logic or PF-6 inlet position module and potentiometer.


HML Series Variable Controllers


The HML Series power module is capable of varying the intensity of lights, heat lamps, heat mats or fans.

HML Series controllers feature a rugged construction with plenty of capacity. Three modes are available: 1.6kW HML-20, 2kW HML-40 and 6.4kW HML-80. The HML is compatible with most dimmable CFLs (Compact fluorescent lights) including CCFL (cold cathode).

The HML features adjustable output intensity curves. Seven light curves adjust electronic lamps (CFL) and incandescent lamps. In addition, ten fan curves are available to optimize varible fan speed range.

Available in automatic or manual control, the HML Series controllers are easy-to-use, easy-to-install and easy to service.

Other HML Features:

Sunset/Sunrise built in (with clock input).

True by-pass on Manual.

Available in 1600, 3200 and 6400 Watt capacities.

0-10 or trig signal can be used as inputs to the module.

MINI EXPERTS and EXPERTS can control the module.

Module can be used on variable fans, heat mats or heat lamps.




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