Heating Systems

Maintaining a consistent warm climate…

promotes a healthy, comfortable and more productive environment. AP offers heaters for a variety of applications including swine, poultry, dairy and horticulture.


Super-Saver XL

Super on performance and fuel savings, the Super-Saver XL is a high efficiency direct fired heater.


Infrared Heating

Emulating the true efficiency of the sun, the Re-Verber Ray Infrared Heater gives you heat where you want it.


Hog Hearth Heat Mat

Reduces energy costs while allowing a high degree of temperature control.


Super-Saver XL




Super-Saver XL

AP and Hired-Hand have teamed up to bring you the Super-Saver XL, the next generation of high efficiency, direct fired heaters. Super on performance and fuel savings make Super-Saver XL a favorite for a wide range of heating needs. In addition, AP is committed to bringing you the very best in product craftsmanship, reliability and industry best performance.



Inside Mount

The inside mount model is a gas circulating heater ideal for a confinement environment.


Outside Mount

The outside mount model is a forced air heater complete with all relevant installation hardware.





AP offers a fill line of equipment and accessories to complement your heating system.



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Re-Verber-Ray Infrared Heaters


Radiant Tube Heat: Heat Where You Need It

Allowing heat to be radiated directly to the animals allows them to find their own comfort zone either closer to or farther away from the heater, according to preference. This reduces stress and creates an environment that allows for better pig performance.

Getting heat where you want it can be difficult. One way to accomplish this is to use Re-Verber-Ray Infrared by AP. Infrared Heat emulates the true efficiency of the sun. It generates energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects like floors and animals. The energy is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding area by convection. This is the most efficient menthod of heating many swine facilities.



Heavy duty control and burner unit, using outside air for combustion.

The unique two-stage burner adapts to varying conditions providing a more consistent comfort zone with fewer off cycles. Units operate at low fire the majority of the time for improved energy efficiency. High fire mode provides reserve heating capability when conditions require.
Patented Two-Stage Burner

  • Two-stage technology.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Faster heat loss recoveries.
  • Improved comfort levels.
  • Reduction in equipment cycles.
  • Design protection benefits.



Hog Hearth Heat Mats


Durable Construction

Unlike other heat mats or heat lamps used in the industry today, out Hog Hearth System has 4 square feet of optimum, consistent heat area. The sealed mat, constructed of highly insulated fiberglass and reinforced plastic, is stationary for your convenience and makes pressure washing easy.

Master Sensor Units

The master sensor unit heat mat is designed to give the controller an actual input of the heat mat surface. All other Hog Hearth system heat mats in the room will be temperature controlled by the MSU. No other heat mat has ever been designed to give this high degree of temperature control to the producer.

Heat Mat Controller

The hog hearth controller reacts to the temperature input provided by the Mat Sensor Unit. Voltage is sent to the mats as required to maintain a constant surface temperature.
(Pictured left is the TC4-1VHB Controller)

Heating Element

Our virtually indestructable heating element will not burn out and provides up to a 35 degree heat rise uniformly throughout the mat surface.

Reduce Energy Costs

With AP’s Hog Hearth System, energy costs can ve greatly reduced. Compared to conventional heat lamps, which use 125 to 250 watts, our Hog Hearth System uses a maximum of 65 watts per crate.



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