Bulk Feed Tanks

Bulk Feed Tanks

Precision Manufacturing: to fit your specific needs…

AP is a part of GSI, the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel storage tanks. The ability to leverage over 35 years of bin manufacturing experience and technology allows AP to provide quality feed storage and delivery systems that address a wide range of design and capacity requirements. AP’s Bulk Feed Tanks perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Every stage of the forming process, from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing, is controlled at our own facilities to assure quality is maintained on each and every feed tank.


Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.34.51Precision Quality Bin Roofs

Roof panels are precision manufactured using die-form tooling to provide consistent quality. Both 30° and 40° roofs feature reinforcing ribs at each roof seam for added strength and rigidity.

AP BFTs are generally constructed using high tensile steel sidewall sheets with a G-90 commercial galvanized coating for outstanding strength and durability. The 2-2/3″ (968mm) wide by 1/2″ (13mm) deep corrugation and precision formed panel curvature are tooled and shaped in-house to facilitate easy assembly.

Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.35.3660° & 67° Hopper Slopes

Available in 60° and 67° slopes in either a 16″ or 22″ hopper opening, AP hoppers panels are die-formed with rounded corners and down-turned sealing edges for safety and a weather-tight fit. Assembly with rounded, truss-head bolts reduces content “bridging” of contents on inner surfaces.

By fitting snugly into the offset outward throat of the hopper, the heavy guage galvanized steel collar provides a perfectly smooth internal transition for optimum flow, as well as a sure-fit adapter for all 16″ (406mm) unloading accessories. Hoppers are available at no additional cost with an optional 22″ (559mm) opening which adapts to our rotary unloader… or the larger, heavy duty 22″ (559mm) metal boot.


Solid Connections

Exclusive to AP hoppers, the “eave”, the upper edge where the hopper is joined to the sidewall, is specially die-formed to conform to the shape of the sidewall corrugation. Most other manufacturers depend on crimping and bolt pressure to force the connection which produces corrosion-prone distortion and “dimpling” of the sidewall. AP’s die-formed eave provides a much tighter seal and smoother flow of material.

Sturdy Side Ladders

A unique, non-interferring safety rail and fully die-formed, sectional side ladder provide solid, convenient and comfortable access to the feed tank. Ladder rungs are dimpled for skid reduction and better footing in inclement weather. Ladder cages are also available on tanks with an eave height of 20″ and higher for additional security when ascending or descending the tank.


Drip Lip

AP’s drip lip water deflection design is one-of-a-kind. The drip lip system’s roll-formed bottom sheet edge forces water away from the hopper and lower boot area, giving complete weather protection without a loss in capacity.

Typical Hopper Design
AP Drip-Lip Design

Bin Lid

The new Bin Lid from AP is a rugged design, durable LLDPE construction and factory assembled for easy installation.

Bin Lid

AP’s feed tank lid swings open to a full 180°, lying flat and parallel to the ground, but positioned below the peak ring when fully opened, on 7′ diameter bins and larger. The lid can be conveniently opened and closed from the ground.

Bin Lid Features

  • Available for 30° and 40° roof profiles.
  • Simplified clamp-band installation of lid assembly peak ring.
  • Reinforced rubber bumper provides additional protection to the peak ring.
  • Internal magnet adds additional force to keep the lid closed.
  • Clamp-band design allows installation in 360° orientation.
  • Retro-fit packages available for 20″ and 22-1/2″ O.D. peak rings.
  • Durable, linear low-density polyethylene construction.

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