Integra Feed-Link

Integra Feed-Link™

Feed delivery scheduling is an easy task when you have timely and accurate information. The Integra Feed-Link™ system from AP provides a cost effective method of monitoring and managing on-site feed inventory either at the site, or from a remote location when used in conjunction with the Network Master or IBOX 360 data collection systems. Feed-Link™ can be easily adapted to new or existing facilities to provide accurate real-time data regarding feed inventory levels and feed consumption.


Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.37.53Display Units

The Feed-Link™ display unit can be mounted either on the bin or inside the building, up to 100 feet away. The digital display can be set to display pounds, kilograms or percentage of full. The display unit also serves as the interface to perform a simple calibration procedure after the system has been installed.

  • 24VDC power supply.
  • Supports up to eight Load Cells.
  • Display pounds, kilograms or (%) percentage.
  • Optional mounting bracket available.
  • Field calibration.
  • Top display board compatible with 110v bottom boards.


Load Cell Assembly

The rugged load cell assemblies are specifically designed for harsh environments like those found in swine facilities, and adapt easily to most feed bins utilizing the existing anchor bolts. Two models of load cells are availalbe; a standard unit for up to 5,000 lbs. (2,250 kg.) per bin leg and a high capacity model rated at up to 10,000 lbs. (4,500 kg.) per bin leg. The compact design of the load cell assemblies only increases the overall height of the feed bin by approximately three inches (eight centimeters). Patent #6636820.

5,000 or 10,000 lb. units.

Field calibrated.

Adapts easily to most bins utilizing existing anchors.

Size approximately 3″ tall.


Unique Calibration

The unique field calibration system utilized by Feed-Link™ in combination with the placement of a load cell under every leg allows for maximum accuracy in monitoring feed consumption.

Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.38.18Eliminate Climbing

Feed-Link™ eliminates the dangerous task of climbing bins to check feed levels, improving worker safetly and decreasing labor costs. With Feed-Link™, feed levels can be properly managed, eliminating emergency calls for feed, and production losses associated with running out of feed.


Data Collection

Increase the convenience and efficiency of facility management with remote monitoring and accurate, up-to-date information when integrating Feed-Link™ with one of AP’s data collection systems.


Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.38.43Network Master

AP’s Network Master helps monitor and manage vital aspects of your production operation including feed consumption, inventory, temperature and water units. Network Master brings it all together into one efficient management system.

Network Master takes the guesswork out of your decision making process and provides you with up-to-date, easy to understand data to make positive improvements in your production. Receive daily status reports and notifications so you can react more quickly to operational needs. Easy-to-read reports, graphs and historical data allow you to make more informative business decisions, improve efficiency and enhance animal welfare.


Képernyőfotó 2014-06-04 - 11.39.05I-BOX 360° Information System

The I-BOX 360° is a management tool that can gather important information data from a variety of different I-BOX 360° compatible control systems to help manage and control your farm. Data collection such as temperatures, water usage, feed monitoring and usage and others can be used to analyze and improve the management of your facility(s).

The I-BOX 360° also allows you to monitor the current conditions and make changes to settings remotely if needed. Flags can be set up to send emails for quick notification of any out of limit conditions. The I-BOX 360° can be connected to the internet and accessed anywhere Internet access is available.


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