INTak Ad-Lib Lactation Feeding System

INTāk Ad-Lib Lactation Feeding System

Optimize sow herd performance by maximizing feed intake with the AP INTāk Ad-Lib lactation feeding system.


Fresh feed available 24/7.

Decrease feed waste and the time spent removing stale feed.

Indexed adjustment system adapts to a variety of feed types.

Designed for quick and simple cleaning.

Adaptable to most existing farrowing crate feeders.

Dispensers can be hand filled using the optional 15 lb. hopper, or filled automatically with a Chain Disk fill system for maximum labor savings.

More contented sows, improved sow condition and breed-back.

Heavier, healthier pigs at weaning.



24/7 Precision Feeding

The INTāk dispenser provides reliable feed flow 24 hours a day delivering a regulated amount of fresh feed with each actuation. The easy set indexed adjustment system provides precise and uniform control of the INTāk dispenser, and can be used to adapt the dispenser to a wide range of feed types and sows.


Save Time and Feed

The INTāk dispenser’s patented* design provides reliable feed flow, delivers a regulated amount of feed with each actuation, and decreases feed waste and labor costs associated with hand feeding and stale feed removal. *Patent Number 6,101,975 The original Berry Feeder




INTāk dispensers are easily adapted to most farrowing crates and can be retrofitted to existing stainless steel feeders. Dispensers can be hand filled using the optional 15 lb. hopper or filled automatically with a Chain Disk delivery/fill system.



Capacity Capable

The INTāk dispenser can be equipped with a heavy duty plastic feed hopper to provide up to 15 lbs. of feed capacity.







Combine with Ultra-Drop

The Ultra-Drop feeder permits accurate control for limit feeding and doubles as a feed reservoir when sows are fed ad-lib. The transluscent feeder and fill tube provides visual confirmation that sows are eating.



Combine with Chain Disk

Twisting and turning through multiple farrowing rooms while delivering feed to AP’s INTāk feed dispensers present no challenge to the AP Chain Disk feed Delivery System

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