Stainless Steel Feeders

Stainless Steel Feeders

AP’s complete line of economically priced, rugged, stainless steel nursery and finishing feeders are available with features and options designed to meet the specifications and expectations of today’s modern pork production systems. Manufactured using corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and welded construction, these feeders are engineered for durability, ease of cleaning, simple management and superior feed conversion performance. Available in both single and double-sided styles, we offer a wide variety of sizes and models for all phases of production. They come completely welded, factory assembled and ready to install.

02Finish Feeders

AP dry finish feeders provide superior carcass quality and excellent feed conversion. These rugged feeders feature oversized 3/8″ adjustment rods and 5/16″ trough divider rods which pass completely through the feeder to provide added strength and rigidity. AP dry finish feeders feature our patent-pending Quick-Adjust system and drop tube holder.

Wean to Finish Feeders

Our wean to finish feeder is specifically designed for today’s wean to finish production systems and heavier market weights. This feeder comes standard with a drop tube bracket and combines 18 and 16 guage 304 stainless steel making this feeder very durable. The extra tall 36″ height increases feed holding capacity and keeps larger hogs out of the feeder. A lowered trough height allows weaned pigs easy access. Solid divider panels or our “W” design dividers separate the feed spaces of the feeder. AP Wean to Finish feeders feature our patent-pending Quick-Adjuste system.



Quick-Adjust System
AP’s patent pending Quick-Adjust indexed feeder adjustment system requires only two adjusters per feeder, providing quick, accurate and consistent control of feed gate settings. Quick-Adjust feeders can be easily adjusted from the aisle of your finisher or nursery in half the time of competitor’s feeders. The indexed settings are permanently laser etched in the feeder and provide for precision feed gate adjustments of 0.075″ (0.2 cm) with all types of feed.


Feed Saver Lip

AP’s feed trough lip reduces feed waste and is designed for added strength and easy cleaning.



Drop Tube Holder

Finish and Wean-to-Finish feeders feature convenient, welded in drop tube holders to secure the feed delivery tube and provide additional feeder strength.



Durable Material

AP feeders feature corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and welded construction for lasting durability.



Hemmed Edges

All exposed edges on the feeders are hemmed for additional safety and strength.



Solid Panel designreduces aggression for uninterrupted feeding.


“W” design prevents small pigs from becoming lodged in the feeder.


Wide spaced divider Rods provide comfortable access for larger hogs.


11Thru-Rod Design for Added Strength

AP feeders with rod style dividers feature AP’s thru-rod design. This design utilizes stainless steel divider rods that pass through the feeder for unparalleled strength and rigidity.




Nursery Feeders
AP Nursery Feeders are ideal for introducing weaned pigs to dry feed. These feeders feature the following for durability and quick, easy and precise control of feed gate adjustment.

Welded construction.

Corrosion resistent 304 stainless steel.

Hemmed edges.

AP’s patented Quick-Adjust feeder adjustment system.



Pig stop dividers are standard on all AP nursery feeders to prevent pigs from becoming lodged in the feeder.



Drop Tube Holder

Optional drop tube holder can be added to secure the fill system tube.


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