PVC Planking

PVC Planking

The PVC Alternative to Wood

Light, strong, easy-to-install, clean, durable, economical and versatile are the structural and performance advantages of AP PVC Planking. With the cost of lumber and labor steadily rising, constructing and maintaining livestock confinement facilities of wood is simply not cost effective. An ideal material for all confinement purposes, from farrowing to finishing, AP’s PVC Planking is available in formats for all confinement applications including penning, gating and inner dividing walls.

02Building Material

Versatile and cost effective, PVC plank can be adapted to replace conventional building materials in many livestock confinement applications. PVC is corrosion free and power-wash friendly for easy maintenance.



03PVC Wall Panels

AP’s 1-3/4″ x 32″ PVC wall panel is typically used in the construction of walls or ceilings in farrowing and nuresery buildings. Since there are fewer seams than conventional PVC walls, clean up is quicker. Tongue and groove construction provides added strength and speeds construction.

Two-piece wall and ceiling channels install quickly and hold panels securely in place.

For additional strength, or an attach point for gate brackets, 2 x 4 lumber can be installed anywhere in the panel.



Form and Function: Ventilation

AP’s PVC Planking can be easily adapted for a variety of uses including actuated ventilation applications.




Each plank profile has a full line of stainless steel and PVC accessories to install and support every application. These include:

Stainless steel posts

PVC U-channel

PVC H-channel


Wall Brackets

Drop rods

Drop rod ends

End caps

Corners¬†(7/8″ only)


Confinement Fence

From farrow to finish, AP’s PVC planking lineup covers all confinement applications.

  • Penning
  • Gating
  • Inner Dividing Walls
  • Available for animals from 30 pounds to market weight




Creep Fence

  • Designed as divider panels in farrowing crates
  • Manufactured for animals up to 30 pounds

Nursery Fence

  • Ideal for nursery pen dividers
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick install
  • Full line of PVC and stainless steel accessories to fit your installation
  • Solid plastic aisle gates keeps manure out of aisles and reduces drafts to little pigs
  • Manufactured for animals from 20 to 120 pounds


Finishing Fence

AP Exclusive 2″ x 38″ Seamless Panel

  • Easy to clean
  • Quick installation
  • Heavy duty construction for the most demanding applications like boar studs and breeding areas
  • Also available in 2″ x 8″ tongue-and-groove