01Confinement Fence

From farrow to finish, AP’s PVC planking lineup covers all confinement applications.

  • Penning
  • Gating
  • Inner Dividing Walls
  • Available for animals from 30 pounds to market weight




02Creep Fence

  • Designed as divider panels in farrowing crates
  • Manufactured for animals up to 30 pounds

03Nursery Fence

  • Ideal for nursery pen dividers
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick install
  • Full line of PVC and stainless steel accessories to fit your installation
  • Solid plastic aisle gates keeps manure out of aisles and reduces drafts to little pigs
  • Manufactured for animals from 20 to 120 pounds



Finishing Fence

AP Exclusive 2″ x 38″ Seamless Panel

  • Easy to clean
  • Quick installation
  • Heavy duty construction for the most demanding applications like boar studs and breeding areas
  • Also available in 2″ x 8″ tongue-and-groove
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